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Organizing to Move House...and UnMove Article

Organizing to Move House Again - No Joke

For those of you who received the last newsletter about moving house, you will appreciate this article more. :)

You wouldn't read about it but after our recent Organizing a House Move, we had to organize an Un-move! I had moved 3/4's of our stuff/possessions - (because my husband was working 7 days a week at the time) - into the new house. This can be the stuff of nervous breakdowns but luckily with the personal development course I did last year, I was able to let go of the "There's no way I can do this AGAIN!" feeling really quickly and turn it into - "What are the positives of this happening?" Below I will share what I gained from the somewhat unexpected experience and if interested how on earth it happened in the first place.
Lose Weight: Organizing to Move House is a great way to lose a kilo or two and to tone up big time - especially your arms carrying all those heavy boxes. I was surprised at the difference in this area in just the first 5 days of movuing let alone doing it all over again!

Higher Water Intake: I drank a lot more water during all this extra organizing, which had a marked improvement on my skin and increased energy. We really do function and look better when we drink about 2 litres of water a day - especially when the weather turns colder but you still need to drink adequate amounts due to being around the dehydrating effects of indoor heating.

Valuable Lesson: The other fantastic effect on organizing another move again was the increased reduction of even more of our 'stuff'. I had obviously already culled a lot of our belongings for the original move. This unique situation made me look at our possessions with an even more ruthless eye and say to myself "Do we really want this item enough to move it again?" I was surprised how often I said No and gave it away. Although most of you won't ever been in the bizarre situation we were in, think to yourself when you de-clutter next. Would I move house twice for this object?! If the answers no then toss it!

Books, books - I moved on a lot of books this time around. I am not a huge novel reader and never have been. When I do find the time to read a book it is usually one recommended and loaned to me. I know books are a much loved possession by a lot of people and that's a great interest to have, however to those of you who keep them just 'because and are never intending to read let alone re-read all the books you own, perhaps you should consider giving them to someone else and filling the valuable space with something that means more to you.

It's all a matter of Relativity - There is 'always' another level to which you can take your de-cluttering and organizing. Each time we do a 'cull' we get rid of the lowest common denominator, deeming the other 'stuff' still to good/sentimental etc. So the next time you go through your things the lowest common denominator of items will be ones you overlooked last time. The trick therefore is to cull more often than you already do, not mistakenly thinking there isn't enough to get rid of because there's always more. It will be clear when you look at it without the last lot of stuff that to make it look better than it actually is. You will wonder why you kept it so long.

Schedule Declutter 'Culls' more frequently - i.e.: quarterly clear-outs make the job easier each time to rather than one big chore to dread with the end result being less objects filling up your valuable living and sanity space!
Opportunity to be a REALLY good role model! I am proud that my children saw me handle the potentially mega stressful situation so calmly and even with a touch of humour. Not a bad life lesson at the tender age of 9 & 6!!

How this happened in the first place??!!
We rent directly from the owners of the current house we are renting, while building our new house. Our friend's own the house we were moving into, and who had their new house on the market for two years without a bite, with only 2 people even looking at the house the whole time, and no luck with suitable tenants. They decided to take the house off the market at the end of the Easter Holidays. We took a gamble moving in before it was officially 'off' the market due to being holidays and a good time to do it with the kids help. The rest is history! I'm so glad we could see the humour in the situation. What's the point in stressing about it?

I recently had an interview with a lovely journalist from Marie Claire. The article aims to lessen the stigma around Depression, which now that I have gone public about my experience with Depression, I am really passionate about helping to do in this way. The article should appear in next months edition. I even had my hair and makeup done for this shoot which was a bonus!

My new business partners - Deb and Julie - and I are nearing completion of our New Interactive Organizer. We have been getting heaps of feedback about what people want and would love to hear from you as well. We will be re-launching soon with lots of added features for you to Organise Your Life, so stay tuned.

" Getting organized is something I have been working on for a long time now. Your newsletters are really helpful, and I look forward to them appearing in my inbox. I know your organiser will help me to overcome some lifelong issues I have had. Mainly forgetting things, because I always seem to be multitasking. Thanks so much." L Fieldman

Till next time.........Happy Organizing! From Claire and the Team

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