Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Organize Your Life Author Claire McFee chosen to be a Feature Writer for SassyMammas & Connect2Mums

I was recently asked to be a Feature Writer on the Topic of....you guessed it.... Organziation, for Sister Women's forum Magazine style sites - SassyMamas & Connect2Mums. These are great communities of supportive women that I fully encourage you to join.

My first Feature article is an attention grabber that's for sure. It somehow integrates to two topics of Sex and Organziation in an article called "Organize Your Sex Life".

Hope you like it and if you're in a sexual rut I hope it helps your sex life!

Claire McFee
Author Organize Your Life

Monday, 29 June 2009

Free Original Organize Your Life Organizers

Organize Your Life has taken up Amanda Robins Wonderful Web Women De-Cluttering 'Random Acts of Kindness' Challenge, donating a dozen Original Hard Copy Organizers (rrp $69.95) to the first people who sign up at http://www.organizeyourlife.com.au website and email claire@organizeyourlife.com.au with 'declutter challenge' in the heading.

All you need to do is cover the postage - $9.95 Bargain! For anyone outside Australia, the first 12 people to do the above will get an Organize Your Life original Download for free. First in first gets! Good luck!

Organize Your Life FREE Giveaway on YouTube

Claire McFee
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Organize Time Out For Yourself to Meditate

I used to think that Meditation 'wasn't for me'.... and more to the point that it simply 'wouldn't work for me', because my mind always went so darn fast I didn't think I would be able to learn slow it down.

I'm happy to report that I was wrong and that Mediation has and continues to work very effectively for me. Here's how....I was presented with the opportunity to partake in an 8 week Mindfulness Course run by Monash University. It was basically learning how to Meditate and be 'in the moment'. When we are 'in the moment' we can not worry about past events or future happenings - which is blissful for someone who used to worry a lot, or 'ruminate' as it is also somberly known.

We had to do Homework during this Mindfulness/Meditation Based Program, part of which was organizing our day in such a way that we could find time to Meditate for 45minutes a day, as well a find several 3 'minute breathing spaces'to practise Mindfulness. Our Meditation Practice was invaluable to make it part of our new routine....not that I now mediate every day for 45 mins. I tend to meditate for smaller amounts of time in the morning, and at night before I go to sleep, which is when I do my 'Gratitude's'. If you haven't heard about making time to be thankful for what your are grateful for, it is as simple as that. (Oprah is actually big on them.) It is a very helpful way to see the good in your life and to focus on that even if you are facing challenging times.

I continue to find the 3 minute breathing spaces incredibly useful. Often during what I would previously have considered quite boring, mundane tasks, such as washing the dishes, hanging the washing out or putting the rubbish out. I REALLY take notice of what I am doing like feeling the warm water on my hands while doing to dishes, or breathing in the fresh air and grabbing a quick does of sunshine while doing outside chores. It surprisingly does make a big difference to how I feel and helps keep my stress levels down, by taking a breather that I wouldn't otherwise take during the day. Why don't you try it and see for yourself. You deserve the time for yourself. If you struggle with this concept of deserving 'me time' then trust that it will benefit everything else you do - inlcluding work, homelife, personal relationships -you name it. So it's a win/win thing to do. So go try some meditating yourself!

If you want to read more about Meditation and other related topics, then you may like to read an article of mine on the topic here.

Bye for now,

Claire McFee
Organize Your Life

Love jewellery as much as I do? Then...

I just wanted to let you know about Annette Piper Jewellery - Handcrafted Jewellery that is elegant, sophisticated and one of a kind… just like you & me! Annette creates timeless jewellery with classic elements and simple, unfussy lines with quality gemstones, pearls, sterling silver and gold fill. A sight for sore eyes!

Check out Annete's Blog at http://www.annettepiperjewellery.blogspot.com

Claire McFee
co Creator - Organize Your Life Organizers

Friday, 26 June 2009

be the change changing the dream

I just had to share a great clip with you, made by top notch Advertising Execs for the 'Global Community' Group, which is used in the Changing the Dream/Be the Change Symposium. http://www.globalcommunity.org/flash/wombat.shtml It is very clever and hits the nail on the head when it comes to what we all need to do to rise above the 'problems' - Environmental/Social Justice/Peace/Spirituality issues etc- we have been stuck in for so long.

Would love to hear your thoughts. I for one would like to see this and other content like it in our schools, we need to start from the ground up for change to take effect and be long lasting.

I attended one of the Changing the Dream Symposium in Lorne, Vic Australia recently which was great. Below is a testimonial I wrote for them I was so impressed and a YouTube Video I made in support of them as well. check it out here.

“The ‘Changing the Dream’ Symposium was all that I had hoped for and more. We were informed and inspired to think about ways we might be able to make a difference to the world through our lives. We got to see a more Global ‘Big’ picture, and how that relates to us locally. I am integrating the ideals of Changing the Dream into my business – for example in the articles I write & in my blog posts. I know no matter how small these efforts, they can make a difference to the collective consciousness of others to help instigate Changing the Dream. As a family we were already very conscious of being environmentally friendly, but there is always MORE you can do to help. We are growing Vege’s and herbs; walking rather than driving more; using toxic free household products and chemical free makeup etc. What would have seemed overwhelming to me a few years back is the ‘norm’ for us now. We feel really proud that we are constantly finding ways to decrease our carbon footprint, as well as teaching our children to have a giving attitude when it comes to helping other people in all sorts of ways. I learned lots of new ideas at the Symposium for how to continue these efforts. Changing the Dream reinforced to me how much HOPE there is in the world and how many good and caring people are out there. Thank you for your efforts.”

Claire McFee
Director Organize Your Life

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Organize Yourself some more great FreeGiveaways at Your Cheeky Monkey

I know how much you love a good free giveaway so here's a website that has plenty of them. Go to Your Cheeky Monkey to find out more!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Need to Organize your Garage or Organize a Garage Sale?

We know from our Household Organizing experience and research that many of you have problems with Garage Disorganization and therefore not surprisingly, want to know how to effectively Organize Your Garage.....which leads to organizing a Garage Sale too.

Well we have two informative articles on these topics. So if you are in need of addressing your Garage Clutter then have a read.

Go to How to Organize Your Garage
Happy Organizing.

Claire McFee
Organize Your Life

Monday, 15 June 2009

One Free Ticket -Two for One Meditation Conference

Our Friend Kate James From Total Balance Coaching - has a special offer you may be interested in.

Meditate 09 conference - Melbourne -(20 & 21 June)
Register and pay by Thursday June 18 for the Sat and bring a friend for free.
To take up this offer please register at http://www.meditate09.com.au and email info@meditationevents.com.au the name of your friend.

The theme of this year's conference is Meditation and the Mind. Presenters will explore how meditation promotes physical wellbeing and emotional literacy and can be used in the prevention and treatment of stress, anxiety and depression.
To view the full program and purchase tickets, please visit http://www.meditate09.com.au

If you are lucky enough to go - let us know how you go. I wish I could attend but it is my daughters 10th birthday on Sat, so I am Organizing a party for her instead! :)

Claire McFee
Director Organize Your Life
co-Creator Organize Your Life e-Organizers

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Organize Your Life on You Tube

It's official ! Organize Your Life is on You Tube. We must admit it took a pretty big push for us to finally take our own videos and post them on You Tube. One of those 'outside the comfort zone' things in part! It also had a bit to do with good old Technology - can't live without it - sometimes difficult to live with!"

We will be adding lots more video and audio clips to the website over the coming months on all manner of topics such as Interviews with Professional Organizers who go into peoples homes to re-Organize their lives. We know lots of great PO's as they are known and think they are amazing. The transformational Organizing work they do is really inspiring!

We have a special section on our website here - where you can find your own PO (in Australia). So if you have been thinking about getting the Help of a Professional Organizer for a while, or didn't even know they existed till now, then go find one in your area and Organize Your Life!

Claire McFee
co-Creator Organize Your Life
Interactive e-Organizers

Organized a Twitter Account Yet?

Know anything, or much about Twitter? I feel like I only just got the hang of Facebook! Social Networking Sites can be great for keeping in touch and for Business Networking - if you know what the 'right' amount is for you!

I have only just Organized myself a Twitter account - clairemcfee - and will use it more over time.

If you want to know more about it, then I found a great post about Twitter on this Blog - Tilda Virtual. Check it out, I'm sure you'll learn a thing or two.

Claire McFee
co Creator - Organize Your Life Organizers

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Over 20 Solutions Organize Your Life has found to help Depression, Feeling Overwhelmed, Anxiety etc

I have just finished writing THE MOST comprehensive article I have ever written. It's about Solutions for Feeling Overwhelmed, Depression, Anxiety Disorders etc - "Solutions you've never heard about for Depression & Feeling Overwhelmed."
As many of you know I have been there, so I know how debilitating it can be. While learning to manage the depression I experienced for many years, I discovered many new ways to reduce the depression symptoms. Many of these solutions are not mainstream but have been the most effective. I certainly wish I had heard about them before to save me an untold amount of time. I am happy that I can help many of you who may be experiencing the same issues.

Having an organized home and life in general has obviously played a big part in keeping depression at bay for me, and from the feedback of countless customers in the 10yrs since I started Organize Your Life, this is your experience too. As they say "A Clutter house equals a cluttered mind."

It's all related, as is everything in our lives - one area affects another, affects another and so on. Above all we need to remember to go easy on ourselves and that BABY STEPS will get us to where we want to be for optimum Mental/Emotional Health, so we can reach our full potential. It is possible!

Here is a Snippet of the article and a link to see the full version.

Be Proactive about your Mental Health and Wellbeing
I have learned to Trust my Gut Instincts. Perhaps you need to learn to do the same? Interestingly, the thoughts that would come to me intermittently over the depressive years about what was 'wrong' with me, but at the time I thought couldn't have been causing the problem were basically the issues I ended up having to deal with that were in large part causing the depression . I now know to trust my instincts I turned my world around and if you need to you can too - or at least steer a loved one in a different direction to help their well being flourish, not flounder any longer.

Hormones Awry!?

I long believed that my hormones were a large part of the 'problems' I was experiencing, but after having blood tests through my GP they appeared quote, unquote "Normal", so I didn't look at this possible cause for another 10 or more years. 5 yrs later I saw a Naturopath, upon the recommendation of a close friend that showed otherwise. This wasn't without trepidation or scepticism. Like a lot of people, I grew up with the impression that Naturopaths and the like were not valid Health Professionals that could REALLY do anything other than a perhaps a placebo effect. Boy was I wrong, and glad to be proven so!!

Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation - Known as TMS - for treatment of Depression

I watched a program on ABC's Catalyst about a treatment for Depression called TMS which the Alfred Hospital was conducting a trial on and looking for participants. The treatment is basically stimulating the part of the brain where depression is said to reside, by 'exciting' the cells into acting more normally. Suffice to say I called up ad was put on a waiting list (of well over a year but worth the wait.) What I noticed about the treatment was all of a sudden, catching myself going down the wrong path thought-wise. I was less likely to catastrophize things and didn't use up valuable energy as a result which led to a massive decrease in lethargy which had a huge effect on my mood and therefore the 'depression.'

Claire McFee
co-Creator Organize Your Life e-Organizers
Organize Your Life

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Organize Your Consumer Buying choices with help from new CHOICE CEO Nick Stace

I read a great article recently about the new appointment of new Choice CEO, British born Nick Stace. Choice is the only source of truly independent, exclusive and science-based testing on a wide range of products and services. Banding together collectively with purpose and organization has been shown to make a substantial difference to our buying options and recourse when our choices don't turn out the way we want.

Taking on the big Multi Nationals for our benefit is essential. We need to support Organizations like this so that they can do what we can't - be our voice and take the stress out of the myriad of often overwhelming purchasing choices out there.

Nick Stace made a significant impact on the Motor Industry in his previous role at Britain's Consumers' Association. Stace brought prices of cars down by up to a third, in line with what Europeans were paying for the same vehicles. I know I want someone like that advocating for me, don't you!?

Life is complicated and busy enough these days. Saving time in this area can then be better spent on other things - like doing things you enjoy or at the very least having more time to organize your own home life!

I signed up to support them in their quest - why don't you too?! Go to their site to find out more Choice.com.au

If you want to read about more time saving tips then you might like to read "How to get it done the first time"

Changing the Dream Symposium

I attended a wonderful Workshop on the weekend that I wanted to let you know about.

It was called 'Changing The Dream Symposium' and is a Worldwide movement that – “Explores the links between three of humanity’s most critical concerns: environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfilment.” Go to www.bethechange.org.au for more info. There are Advisors to Barrack Obama involved and other high profile people all over the world. Worth checking out if you hadn’t heard about it.

Being involved in Organizations such as this makes me feel like I can and am making a difference with efforts I am making in these areas. It gives me back control in my life, that can all too easily feel non-existent in your life if you are not given HOPE. We all know what happens then.... we get overwhelmed, depressed or sick in a myriad of other ways. We are then not able to keep on top of managing our lives. Effective Home Organization certainly goes out the window when this occurs, but can come right back in again if you so choose. As with all things Organized, this it all comes back to BABY STEPS!

If you need some Inspiration & Hope you know where to go. for those of you who already have then I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Organizing more Exercise for better Fitness in Your Life

Since reaching 30 several years ago my bodies metabolism certainly changed gear - unfortunately downwards and I have had to really start watching what I was eating and drinking, as well as organizing more exercise into my routine.

I am pleased to say that I now regularly organize a game of tennis with friends; attend Pilate's once a week; go to the gym once a week and do the odd walk around town in my weighted runners - temporarily adding an extra ~ 2.5 kilos to my weight - and therefore does wonders for my legs and butt!

Women's Health and fitness is really important, especially as we get older. So if you are like me - perhaps you should look at organizing a bit more exercise into your lifestyle. The benefits to your fitness and longevity are enormous - and your partner will love you for it too. If you would like to read more about Exercise and Fitness and how to incorporate it into your life you may enjoy reading my article '7 Top fitness and Exercise Tips'

Happy Fitness & Exercising Organizing - Remember it ALL related!

Here is a snippet below...

7 Top Fitness & Exercise Tips

Do you want to get fit, or get fitter? We all know keeping fit is good for us in more ways than just the ‘physical’, yet we often do not take it seriously enough to incorporate more exercise into our daily lives. I know I fitted into this category for a long time. My wakeup call was probably when I turned thirty and my metabolism decided to go half as slow as it used to. I seriously thought the clothes dryer was shrinking my jeans a bit more than usual for a while, until I bought my first pair of scales and weighed myself. I now am much more careful about what I eat and fitting more exercise into my routine to keep myself fit. Here are 7 great tips on how to be effective when it comes to your fitness:

1. Choose a Fitness Program that suits you

Everyone is different. So take your body limitations and personality into account when making this decision. You may have some medical issues that make some fitness programs unsuitable for you. Yoga is a great way to improve muscle tone, core strength and flexibility, without feeling like you have run a marathon at the end of the session! Pilates is another great modality, which I have been doing for quite a while now and love. Alternatively, a boot style camp may suit you if you thrive on working as a group, with a strict leader telling you what to do.

2. Set realistic targets

If a bit of weight has crept up on you and you need to lose say 5 or more kilos, you need to be realistic about how long it will take to lose. Just like clutter in your life – It didn’t get there over night so won’t disappear overnight. Cutting out all your favourite foods for example and all of a sudden training 4 times a week may be too much too soon, and at the end of the day may make it harder for you to incorporate into your lifestyle. Baby steps usually work best, so you can get used to your new routine and habits, without it being too much of a shock to the system.

3. Concentrate on Exercising your muscles

A combination of cardio workout as well as strength building is recommended by professionals. If you hate one or the other remember something is better than nothing! YOU may surprise yourself. I know I have in the past. My gym instructor would try to get me to add more weights to my training circuit which I resisted for a while. Then all of a sudden what I was doing was too easy and I really wanted to do more, then it became self motivating. Wow look how far I have come kind of thing. Just remember that it’s not all in the scales. When you regularly workout, you will develop more muscles while losing fat at the same time. Muscle weighs more than fat, so the scales may not look like you have not lost much weight. It’s more about the shape of your body and how much better your clothes fit you. So don’t focus on the numbers too much. Ask what exercises work best for certain parts of your body.

'7 Top fitness and Exercise Tips'

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Organize Your Life introduces Konstant Kaos & their great Free Giveaway

Gotta love the name of this quirky Blog - A little Bit of Kaos under the banner of Konstant Kaos - Sounds like the opposite of Organize Your Life but when you read Blogger Margaret's Posts you will see she is just like the rest of us - doing the best with what she's got and trying to enjoy life along the way!

Margaret has a lovely Giveaway at the moment. It ends on the 8th June so be quick. You can win one of her gorgeous handmade purses. While you are there check out the clever photo she has pertaining to the Swine Flu featuring the one and only Piglet and his friends ... (well not at the moment!)

Good luck!

Claire McFee
Author Organize Your Life