Friday, 29 July 2011

Book Competition: 'Secret Women's Business' by Patsy Rowe

Secret Women's BusinessSecret Women's Business Book Freebie up for grabs in our latest Newsletter!

This month we are honoured to have well known Author Patsy Rowe share her advice with us. Patsy Rowe is a highly sought after Speaker and Author with many books to her name. Patsy has kindly offered one of her books for this month's book competition so get organized to get those entries in. We have some favourite website organizing articles if you need more tips to regain control of your life as well. Remember to breathe, baby steps will get you there!!

We also have an excerpt from Patsy's book in our latest Newsletter: 'Ten Tips for Taking the Mania out of Motherhood' which is well worth a read.

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Here's my review of 'Secret Women's Business'
"Countless women will vastly expand their understanding of themselves through the many stages of their lives in the  knowledge they are not alone. As Patsy Rowe so clearly demonstrates - we are all connected via our collective experience as women, mothers, daughters and  partners in this extremely well- researched book." Claire McFee Author Organize Your Life

Patsy Rowe Bio:- After building her own home and taking on the role of site supervisor, Patsy wrote a light-hearted satire on the building industry, No Sweat, Not to Worry, She'll be Jake. The book became a best seller and was followed by 9 other books. Patsy was invited by the Minister of Consumer Affairs to join the Board of the Building Services Corporation where she was the first woman ever appointed to sit as a judge hearing cases against builders who over-charged or refused to complete a contract. Patsy now travels extensively speaking at more than 100 corporate engagements a year and regularly appears on Sixty Minutes, Today Tonight, Sunrise, A Current Affair and the Today Show.

Check it out on Amazon here: - Secret Women's Business

Friday, 15 July 2011

Organize Your Health and Wellbeing Naturally - 'Outsmart your Cancer'

Organize Your Health and Wellbeing
with 'Outsmart Your Cancer'

I just had to share details of this amazing book with you I recently found. Although specifically to do with fighting Cancer naturally there is a lot of very important information related to health and wellness generally that we could ALL benefit from.

For example, I used to be Estrogen Dominant, which in large part caused symptoms including depression and was undiagnosed for many years - even with a blood test at the doctors -(turns out a saliva test is much more accurate or muscle testing as I used with a trained therapist.) This condition, how it is caused and how you can rectify it are outlined in the book and is a must-read for all women whether you are pre-menopausal, peri-menopausal or post-menopausal. Many men are also Estrogen Dominant due to preventable lifestyle factors, which are also addressed.

As many of you would already know it's almost impossible to get on top of your life when you feel overwhelmed  let alone depressed - and good organization can feel like a pipe dream. But taking an organized approach to your health and wellbeing can positively effect all other aspects of your life and arming yourself with knowledge is a very powerful way to do this. Bottom line is we need to be proactive in our health and this book is the perfect place to start empowering ourselves with better knowledge.

I have shared this with my family and friends and am sure you will want to too. Read the free Chapter in Amazon to get a feel of the quality of the book. You won't be disappointed. Best  money I've ever spent and that's saying something!

Please share this invaluable information with your loved ones. They will forever be grateful.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Mind Body Medicine Depression Documentary & review of 'The brian that changes itself'

Did you know Claire McFee Directed a 6-part Documentary on 'Mind Body Medicine' called 'Open Up - share your Struggles and Lighten the Load' which aired on TV to a great response?

Understanding the lows of Depression  and learning how to overcome it naturally, Claire is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others and is also in the process of writing a book on the topic.  If you have any natural strategies to share / would like tho share your natural health story of recovery (particularly mental health) Claire would love to hear from you. Email info @

Claire has review a wonderful book which highlights just how much influence we have over our brains and the way we think. A very insightful book worth a read to learn how to reach your potential!

Review of 'The Brain the Changes Itself' by Norman Doidge
"A fabulous book that highlights the ability for us to change our brain and the way it thinks is 'The Brain that changes itself' by Norman Doidge.  It is a fascinating book with current info about the mind-blowing potential of the human mind - that everyone should read to empower themselves and their lives. It is a life changing book worth reading. There's heaps of case studies in 'The brain that changes itself' which make the book really relatable and enjoyable." by Claire McFee Author Organize Your Life

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Claire McFee