Thursday, 27 August 2009

Dis-Organization Warning Signals & solutions for them

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Morning everyone,

Hope you are having a great start to the day. Just wanted to remind you/tell you about a great new Tele-Seminar series coming up with Outrageoulsy Healthy tomorrow - it's free!

I've just partnered up with a close associate of mine and her team at Outrageously Healthy . Their mission is to help as many people on the planet as possible, live their best life. One way they do this is by finding the most outrageously healthy experts to interview and bring those live interviews to people like you at no cost!

And guess what? I am this week's Expert! I will be interviewed by Lenore Miller and you can listen in live either by phone or webcast for free.

To gain access to this call and to all future expert calls just go to and sign up for their Free Ruby Membership. When you do you will also receive a Gift from Lenore and the Team - the MP3 'Feeling Great for No Good Reason'. The call details will be emailed to and a reminder sent a few hours before the call. It's really easy!

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So come join us and learn about my favourite Outrageously Healthy topic this week, I can't wait to hear you on the call.

You can even send in questions live!

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Claire McFee

P.S. Here's the link again to register and get your free gifts from us and Lenore.

Happy Organizing
Claire McFee
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Thursday, 20 August 2009

I won a Competition - Lucky me!

It's not everyday that you win something - especially something of a great quality but I just did. Founder of Wonderful Web Women Janet Beckers - who is also a newly published Best Selling Author - of Our Internet Secrets - had a competition last week to create an Audio Information Product. I had never done this before - but had wanted to learn how - so got past my fears, bit the bullet and just did it!!

Janet had several categories to be able to win and I won the best 2 Tips for creating the Audio Product which were:

Top 2 Tips

Tip 1 “Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils …” - Louis Hector Berlioz

Having procrastinated about recording an audio Info Product for several months, hearing Janet call herself a ‘RECOVERING PERFECTIONIST’ struck a chord with me. So don’t let any more time pass - & like me just bloody do it!” If you are not already of member Wonderful Web Women then join up because it is instrumental to our business success.

Tip 2 Winston Churchill :- “When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which had never happened.”

It’s so important to monitor your all-important SELF TALK . If you are worried about doing something out of your comfort zone - Use positive phrases like “I can do it”; “It will work out”. This helps you stay focused. If any negative self- defeating ‘Internal Dialogue’ crops up, remember that whether or not things turn out the way you wanted just having a “GO” provides so much opportunity for learning, growth and ultimately success.

….& a funny aside ‘TIP’ - Don’t wear big dangly earings while making your recording or you will hear them clanking around on the phone!!

If you have a web based business or would like to start a web based business, then Wonderful Web Women is a fantastic community of helpful and inspiring people, who can help make your dreams a reality. We have been members for over a year and can't recommend them highly enough.

Claire McFee
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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

How to get your husband / partner to do their paperwork

My husband did a big office paperwork declutter on the weekend, which was great. He avoids paperwork like the plague and lets it build up more than he should – as it only makes it harder on him in the long run. I’ve cut him a bit of slack lately though, due to him building our beautiful house at the moment and working 6 days a week. I’d be a bit of dragon if I nagged him about his paperwork all the time at a time like this wouldn’t I!

Anyway I was catching up with a few friends and it came up and they said “How on earth did you get hi to do it?” Their husbands clearly had paperwork clutter problems too! So I’ll share with you, what I told them and hope it helps you get your partner to take action, so you can have a clutter-free office/study or whatever area of your home you keep all your household paperwork.

I started with my term of endearment for him which is 'Darl'. Sounds so …I don’t know, but funny anyway!!

So I said with a bit of a smile - “Darl, I was trying to find some paperwork the other day and found the wrong invoice, and paid the wrong amount, which will cost us at the end of the day. The paperwork is really starting to get out of control and I know you don’t want me to turn into Cow Claire (my self-titled grumpy name) about it and neither do I, so I thought we would be able to go through it on Sunday. I am happy to help you do it if you like….” Pause waiting patiently for his response.

He agreed it was getting pretty bad and got stuck into it - in the main, without my help. I think offering to help him with the task did help and was appreciated though. I made sure I was ‘in the area’ at the time and helped him take out the recycling as he went, so it didn’t get too messy and overwhelming. I also did a little bit of my own paperwork organizing at the same time, which helped make the task not so onerous.

From past experience I know nagging your husband to do something generally doesn’t work and if it does, it comes with resentment underlying it which isn’t healthy, so a different approach is best.

I hope this helps you if you are in the same boat. Needless to say the office looks soooo much better - all organized and clutter free. Gosh I love that feeling don’t you!!?? What are you partner decluttering stories? Do you have a disorganized or organized partner? How do you get them to pull their weight if they are dis-organized??

If you want to learn more about how to get your disorganized partner on board you decluttering and organizing mission you may like to read this article.

Claire McFee
Organize Your Life Organizers

Are your children over exposed to Advertising and missing their childhood?

I just watched a really interesting program on the ABC about The Consumerism of Childhood.. .

There were many experts interviewed explaining the dangers of the dangerous amount of advertising and manipulative marketing our children are exposed to from increasingly young ages. TV is obviously one of the biggest culprits but in this rapidly advancing technological world – all other manner of communication such as phones/ instant messaging/ chat rooms/ sadly schools & most disturbingly sly observations of children ‘in action’ with their friends that you are not even aware of, let alone have given permission for – all aimed at targeting our kids ever more closely so that what is being pushed on them is harder and harder to resist. Marketers are even conducting MRI”S of kids watching various ads to see what parts of the brain light up the most and therefore do more of that. Shocking I know!

In many ways it is a sad reflection society has come to this and clearly the Industry self regulating itself is not sufficient. The only way to keep tabs on how much your children are exposed to this media manipulation is by creating boundaries for you kids in the relevant areas and keeping the lines of communication open. Since our kids were very young we have talked about how ads exaggerate if not flat out lie about what their product or service can do, so they have a very healthy level of scepticism when it comes to advertising.

They are still not immune of course to the lure of wanting some latest and invariably expensive gadget – they’re only human and we sometimes let them purchase these things – within reason though.

We can all get a bit slack about the amount of hours that our children are having screen time be it TV or the Computer. I notice this happens in our family in Winter time, when it’s cold and the kids just want to curl up on the couch and VEG out. Just how much they are Vegging out is becoming increasingly clear and increasingly alarming. Kids impressionable young brains can literally be wired in the wrong ways affecting IQ; impulse control; anti social behaviour and so on. The statistic in numerous areas such as weight problems/ diabetes & Mental Illness problems are rapidly on the rise.

It can be hard to put limits on things that all your children’s friend’s supposedly have constant access too, and it requires having a strong resolve. I have wavered a few times with my 10 yo daughter and 7 yo son in this area in the past – but have always regretted it. Quite a while ago my husband and I banned TV in the Mornings, which although difficult at first –with a lot of complaining, this soon completely disappeared. I subsequently took I to the next step and have curtailed their watching of programs after school.

Because I work form home this has meant a big commitment from me to not work during the hours of say 3 till 8pm so that I can keep the kids minds active and engaged in more interesting ways. This may be playing hangman and doing a puzzle or putting together a letter to Gran and Gramps with some recent digital photos to send via good old fashioned snail mail. The difference in ‘quality’ communication and learning and engagement with each other increased markedly when we did this – I wish I’d done it sooner!! There’s no point admonishing yourself about when you put the foot down about too much TV and Computer time - it’s simply better late than never.

If you would like to read more on this topic you might like to read How to Organize TV/Computer time for your Kids.

Organizing Telseminar series

A Professional Organizer Colleague in the States - Maggie McCauley has created a great new Home Study Course called — Clearing The Way To Prosperity!

It consists of a 4 week tele-series including an e-workbook with 4 professionally recorded MP3’s.

The course blends Prosperity Principles with the practice of Organizing.

"When we let go of our limiting beliefs around money and let go of our clutter we open the energy for abundance and good to be brought forth."

The 4 sessions Cover:

• Create A Money Consciousness— money intelligence- develop a relationship with your Inner Money Manager, develop positive habits around money and create workable systems for managing money

• Shift the View—understand how perceptions, conditioning, values and beliefs impact our relationship with money and our stuff and begin the process of opening up to make the shift. This session also brings a new awareness around impact of attachments and resistance.

• Release The Old—a step by step process to let go of limiting beliefs around money and stuff

• Implementing New Practices—making a commitment to change habits and patterns and begin to enhance the learning by practicing gratitude, incorporating the Law of Circulation, taking 100% responsibility, getting clarity and meditation

Click here to learn more about this amazing program!
A New View Home Study Course

Claire McFee
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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Want to be Outrageously Healthy?

Being Healthy means so much more than being your 'ideal weight'; having a good fitness level; exercising regularly; eating a balanced diet etc. It takes the right mental attitude and Mindset.

A little while back I met Lenore Miller, who founded Outrageously Healthy. Lenore has created a really supportive community of people with the same sort of healthy life goals, plus experts in ALL Health areas to help you reach those goals. We all need support when it comes to sticking to our goals - whether that help is 'in person' or 'virtual'.

In this day and age being supported virtually is really common, as it's so convenient and is another effective way to help us feel connected while helping to reach our Health goals.

I highly recommend you go and visit Outrageously Healthy and see what they can offer you if you know you need to improve your Health and current Lifestyle

For some extra tips on how to get fit and healthy read this article.

Claire McFee
Organize Your Life Organizers

Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Gratitude Effect

For those of you who follow Sarah Wilson's Newspaper Column 'A Better Life' you will have read her recent article on Gratitude. I am big on Gratitude's or being 'Thankful' and am happy that it is making it into mainstream media. Sarah interviewed Dr.John Demartini - author of "The Gratitude Effect", who espouses that "What you think about and thank about, you bring about."

I know when you are in the middle of chaos and dis-organization with kids, work etc, it's hard to imagine, let alone appreciate how on earth this can really be the case. I have been in the overwhelmed, negative Mindset in that past and know that your Mindset or in other words your Attitude makes all the difference to your quality of life. That's not to say as soon as you start thinking more proactively and positively that your life will turn into a bed of roses. The life you have created took years to cultivate - for better or worse, and it takes time to undo some of the negative thought patterns and make the new thought patterns become the 'norm' and to have the desired effect.

I notice, as I am sure you do too, that my mood is reflected in my children. In the past when I was 'depressed' they were more needy and prone to bickering but when I am positive, solution focused and patient with them they are calmer and happier all round (not perfect by any means but WAY better without a doubt.)

Our moods bounce off each other collectively. Think about this on a larger scale, if you only come into contact with grumpy, aggressive or domineering people this takes its toll. If you surround yourself with positive, kind hearted people this will rub off on you. So if you are in a dark place, where you can not see the light at the end of the tunnel or can not think of much, if anything to be grateful, for that's one of the first places to start. Look at what is lifting you 'up' and what is pulling you 'down' - and start to weed out the latter and you will gradually see all manner of big and small things to be grateful for.

Demartini says, "The act of writing down your grateful thoughts is important. It makes the positive in your life become the focus, which brings about more of just that." So put pen to paper or at the very least think these proactive thoughts and with patience and as much humour as you can muster, whilst you make this shift you will get there. Read what you can on the topic to understand it better and above all put it into practice. It is worth the effort - believe me!

If you want to read more about how to become a positive thinker and what part being grateful plays then you like to read this article.

Claire McFee
Organize Your Life Organizers

Organize Your Body to Get Pregnant

For many of us, getting pregnant doesn't just 'happen' and can be a hugely draining and emotional time with possilbe miscarriages, the stress of 'unknown' reasons for failing to fall pregnant and possibly the roller coaster of IVF.

Although my husband and I didn't have to go down the IVF route, I had a couple of miscarriages and it took quite a while to fall pregnant both times. We have two healthy children now - a Girl and a Boy - 10 and 7 after our up's and down's.

My heart goes out to those of you who are in the midst of fertility problems or have had to give up the dream altogether. I read an article on this topic recently called "In the nick of time" by Jacinta Tynan and one of the things covered (as hard as it may be to hear) that if you can not get pregnant, how important it is to "Try not to focus on having a baby as the only thing in your life. Have other things in your life to look forward to, and focus on areas that give you fulfilment. It is possible to be happy without that longed-for child. Of course it's difficult to get to that place but it is possible."

I know this isn't the case for everyone but for many women, 'stressing' about not being able to conceive is a major reason preventing you from being able to fall pregnant. I was certainly wound up with temperature takings, ovulation 'signs' I couldn't make sense of etc. When things just weren't 'happening' I decided I needed to forget about 'trying' to get pregnant so hard and take a more relaxed approach and in both cases (3 years apart) this was when I actually fell pregnant. Something worth considering?? Stress levels certainly do have an effect on our hormones and everything else in our bodies.

One thing that surprises me is the lack of information passed onto women having trouble getting pregnant in terms of things they can do, to increase their chances of getting pregnant. To read more about the sorts of things you can try that may well increase the odds of falling pregnant, then go to this article. "Organize Your Body to get pregnant."

Good luck.

Claire McFee
Organize Your Life Organizers