Sunday, 28 February 2010

Hitting a Wall? Siimon Reynolds explains how to avoid failure in any life area

The Age Sunday Life Magazine had a great article titled "Hitting the Wall" about routine; motivation; good habits; bad habits etc from an extract of Advertising Guru Siimon Reynolds book "Why people fail?"

In the article Siimon Reynolds touches on how, once enthusiasm for a new project goal wanes after the initial stages of execution the often drudgerous next steps make the goal hard to achieve unless you get into the habit of visualising your end goal to keep you motivated.

Habits are what help you achieve where others fail says Reynolds. The article goes onto to illustrate 3 Areas you can apply Rituals to that Reynolds believes make the 'difference' between success and failure.

Basically writing your goals down and prioritising what needs to be done to achieve those goals.
This includes a to do list and spending at least ten mins on each task, having started the most important immediately.

This is for people who want to become experts in the field.
To do this, Reynolds suggests Reading an Industry related book daily as well as lesser time reading magazines and related blogs
Quarterly: Have a coffee with an Industry Expert
Yearly: Attend 2 conferences


Again...Make a list of people you want to connect with.
Set a weekly target: book people in!
Make one call or send one email per day to keep on top of you social goals

So whether it is professional related or Personal getting clear by setting goals, being conscious of making new habits / rituals can be applied to any area of life. Give it a go and watch your life area be transformed...after all on 3 small steps per day equates to 1,000 steps yearly to help reach success.

As my favourite quote goes "The weakest pen is better than the strongest memory", so as Reynolds suggest Get it down on paper!!!!

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Friday, 26 February 2010

Competition to win one of our Complete Organizer Systems

If you want a chance to win a Free Complete Life Organizer ( all Four Sections)- basically your whole Life in Lists! ....then pop on over to the Silver Savings Blog to enter their Competition.

Hurry don't miss out! ..and have a great weekend. :)

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Monday, 22 February 2010

Moving House....Again! My House Moving Tips and Tricks

Well packing has begun in our household with a mini- pre- move to my parents holiday home before moving into our new home over the next couple of weeks. It’s not as bad as it sounds, in fact it is actually a good thing. How!!? You ask??

Well time is up on the rental we have been in, and as our house is not quite ready to move into, we are luckily able to stay in my parents beach house in the interim. It’s a beautiful new place and we are still able to move all our major stuff into our garage so there won’t be much double handling of stuff. I have bought lots of clear plastic containers to help with the move, which will be used afterwards in the garage for Neil's building materials - so he has no excuse not to PROPERLY organize them…yes you detected dig at dear hubby in the last comment, as Neil finds it hard to keep his tools organized. I love see through plastic containers. It makes it soooo much easier to find things and to keep things in the right place. Boxes eventually wear out and fall apart so I think good plastic containers are a great storage option that are worth the investment.

Not surprisingly I love the cleansing process that takes place when you go through literally every single belonging you own and decide whether to keep it, donate it or throw it away. There is always a surprisingly amount to move on – even if you are in the professional organizing industry like me!! Time just goes so fast and things you weren’t ready to get rid of in your last declutter now seem not to be relevant in your life – thank goodness! Otherwise if you have an emotional attachment to everything and this never wanes, then this is when hoarding can become an issue.

The thought of having a decent walk in wardrobe and garage again after renting for 4 years during the whole house planning and house building stage makes my heart sing. But even though we will have a lot more storage space I still intend on getting rid of as much unnecessary stuff as possible… I can already feel myself getting lighter!

If you are moving house soon my biggest tip is to make sure you keep items from various sections of the house together in boxes/containers and not mix them up (which is easy to do at the end of the packing process.) Pop things in separate bags instead of everything in boxes. Otherwise when you go to unpack you will have to think about each item and where it is supposed to be (especially the sorts of items that could go in one of a few places – you know the miscellaneous ‘stuff’ that could go in a hall cupboard/or laundry cupboard or kitchen drawer etc, and then end up having to go from room to room unnecessarily. This is a huge time saver in itself. What are you house moving tips to help keep the stress levels down and time packing/ unpacking to a minimum?? I would love to hear them.

Of course the other life save during our house moving experience is to lists, to do lists and more to do lists. It's a pretty darn long list when moving house and I don't know what i'd do without them. Our brains just aren't made to remember too much stuff!

Among a gazzilion other handy lists we have house moving tips and lists in our Organize Your Home eOrganizer. For more info about our Life Organizer go to our Life Organizing Website.

For more tips on keeping your house organized whether you are moving house or not, read this article on our website here.

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Claire McFee
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Monday, 15 February 2010

We had a lot of interest in the informative - not to mention FREE Guilt Free Business Mother's TeleSeminar Series - and had requests from people who couldn't make the call to get a recording.

So for others who missed out too but want to hear the call, simply click below to listen to the interview - including being able to access the Megga special Organizer offer mentioned on the call. Enjoy!


M4a (open with Itunes or Quick Time Player): - a smaller size (7mb)

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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Organize Your Life Free Organizing TeleSeminar today

I have been privileged to be asked to be the Lead Speaker for the Launch of new website Guilt Free Business Mothers

My Free TeleSeminar Interview is today - register now to be eligible for lots of great bonuses.....Go to Guilt Free Business Mothers by clicking here.

Here is a sneak peak at what you will learn if you are you struggling with not enough time to do what is important to you & finding the juggling act of work and family overwhelming business.

Top 7 Tips : the Most Common Mistakes People Make when it comes to Organization

1. Try to do ‘everything’ and ending up doing ‘nothing’ - including having the wrong balance between addressing small AND big jobs – Multi tasking too much - Running around in circles and don’t know where to start
2. Do not know how much is too much when it comes to social networking ‘For business’ and are not getting necc. returns and think you may be a tad addicted!
3. Don’t have a Mentor to help guide you and keep you accountable
4. Don’t sleep enough; drink too much and don’t eat the right foods and have no idea that it is affecting your work output and energy levels
5. Don’t file your paperwork properly if at all because you hate it! R
6. Don’t know where the line is between work and home life - never really switching off.
7. Don’t pay attention to your Personal Development and are stuck in a rut

…These common problems all completely and utterly affect your ability to have an organized approach to work and therefore be productive… Have hope though! There are effective ways to solve these problems.

“Organization is just as much about controlling your Mind as controlling your Environment.”

..Let me show you how to influence your physical AND psychological reality.

Make sure you join Valerie McDougall and Jayne Jennings for the rest of the Tele semiar Series of Guilt Free Business with their special guests for the rest of the FREE 7 Week teleseminar series.

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Hope to see you on the call.

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