Friday, 26 December 2008

Organize what's Important for a great 2009

A good friend of mine gave me the best book for Christmas and it's really got me thinking about what goals I would like to achieve for my family and business in 2009. The book is called 'Eat, Pray and Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert.

I am usually pretty relaxed about New Year's resolutions, so that I can enjoy the school holidays with the kids and family friends etc, without placing restrictions on myself left, right and centre. This will not change, although after reading the book, I will have 'family cohesiveness and personal balance' on my mind in a more relaxed but conscientious way during this time. If you have read the book, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it and what you 'got' from it. If you haven't read Eat Pray Love then I highly recommend you buy or borrow it and have a read.

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Claire McFee
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Organize to say "Grace" - especially at Christmas Time

Well the first Christmas Lunch I hosted this year was a great success. I took my own advice and took a relaxed approach to the Christmas preparations. In fact during the day as I was coordinating efforts in the kitchen I said "Isn't this meant to be stressful!?" To which, we all laughed because it was the opposite. We were all really relaxed, doing our bit to pull it all together. Great to know I can do it without my foodie mum or sisters.

Now onto Organizing your self and your mind sufficiently enough to give thanks for what you are eating and lucky enough to have in front of you with relative ease and affordability. Julie (my business partner) and I were talking about this the other day. I was saying it's a shame with the decrease in people practicing religion so too has the practice of saying 'Grace', even though the two don't have to go hand in hand. Jules told me that her hubby and 4 kids say 'Grace' whenever they eat together which is most nights, even though they aren't Church goers. I had been thinking about wanting to do the same thing, namely to teach the children about the concept of gratitude and to instill the ritual of eating together as they grow up.

My mother and father in law are Church goers and although we have never said 'Grace' when we eat together, I thought it would be nice to ask Bill to say 'Grace' before Christmas lunch. He was really chuffed that I'd asked and he did it really well. As mentioned, this thought had only recently occurred to me and I think this was because of my organized, but relaxed approach to hosting Christmas this year. I am scheduling in reflection time which I think is a brilliant way to to stay still for long enough to organize your thoughts to think of these sorts of things. I wish I'd started earlier, but better late than never!

I hope your Christmas was all you hoped for and more.

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5 Tips on How to Enjoy Christmas more by Simplifying & Re-organizing it!

Too many people I know, and probably many of you as well, do too much leading up to Christmas, and especially on the actual day. That's not what Christmas is supposed to be about. So begin by re-organizing your expectations of what Christmas is supposed to be like and start to make a few changes this year and a few more the next and so on, and see if you can do something to change that!

1. Think about sharing the Christmas food preparation each year

For those of you who spread around the location of your Christmas celebration, so that the person who has it a particular year doesn't dread their turn!! Organize everyone to each take a couple of dishes each to ease the burden.

2. Think about the actual food that you prepare for the day

Is it really necessary to have the whole kit and caboodle with all the trimmings!? Especially considering that the tradition of a hot meal comes from the English, whose Christmas day is during winter. Doesn't make sense for those of us having a summer Christmas does it!!

3. Be Realistic

We're not suggesting you ditch the whole Christmas lunch that everyone is used to, just make a few small changes to the meal selection. Some alternatives could be pre-bought cold turkey and/or seafood to cook on the BBQ.

4. Expect a little opposition ....

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Claire McFee
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Sunday, 21 December 2008

My Lap Top just blew up!!!!!

My Lap Top just blew up as a result of a faulty power point. Doh! It's a lesson to back up my cpmuter more regualrly that's for sure. As annoying as it is, I must say I was really proud of myself for how calmly I handled the situation. I was working on the Organize Your Life website with Julie when it happened (Deb is away in Tasmania visiting family) but we managed to continue working all the same. After all life goes on!

It made me think about how being organized doesn't prevent life 'coming at you' ready or not - although it can certainly help prevent a lot of problems that dis-organziation can result in. Annoying occurances, problems and challenges of all kinds are something we need to accept and be open to. Life goes on regardless, so you may as well stay in the game as a willing participant, not resisting it with a 'Why me' mentality.

I can't believe I didn't even swear when it blew up, even though I lost some information/work that hadn't been backed up. The pervading thought in my head was "What's the point in getting angry." It's better to laugh in situations like that to help diffuse the situation and prevent going into stressed out mode.

Additionally, even in cases like this there's always positives to come from anything negative that happens. There's no growth without challenges in our lives and it's how we respond to things that counts. Imagine if I had ranted and raved and my kids had seen me react like that. Would they then not do the same thing when in a similar. Of course they would. So there's one plus right there.

As Julie said it may take a while to be able to clearly see any other positives with this particular problem, but I bet there are some and as soon as they are evident to me I'll let you know!

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Christmas - Christ_Mas

Neil and the kids and I attended our local Carols By Candlelight last night, at the Church where we happened to get married in,11 years earlier on that actual day. A thoughtful friend had a quiet word to the MC, who to our surprise asked for 'Claire and Neil to raise their hands' - to then get a few hundred people to wish us a Happy Anniversary. It was such a lovely thing to do and made it an even more memorable Christmas Carol experience.

There was of course lots of Christmas Carol singing - which I really enjoy. There was a great Jazz band who sang funky versions of traditional Christmas songs and they talked about something very important I think. That is, we sometimes get wound up in the receiving side of Christmas and forget why Christmas even exists - the celebration of the birth of Jesus. I don't come from a religious background but I do appreciate that something bigger than us exists and give thanks to a higher power for all that we have. Christmas is a great reminder to discuss this topic and to show love and appreciation of others no matter what your religious beliefs are - and of course to focus on 'Giving' rather than receiving. You'll be amazed at what you get back when you do.

Merry Christmas!!!

Claire McFee
Organize Your Life Author
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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Organize Time to Meditate for a StressFree Christmas

I recently completed a Mindfulness Meditation Based Program, which coming from someone who always thought Meditation 'Wasn't for me', because I thought my mind goes way to quickly and I couldn't possibly slow it down to do it" etc, etc:- I must say I truly believe it can be for anyone, now that I 'get' what it's about. I have written some Meditation articles on the Topic to give you some tips on how to Meditate, which will come out in the New Year.

In the meantime I thought it was interesting to note when attending a local Women's Meditating Group last week for the first time, that upon a discussion about Christmas none of us were 'Stressed' about it, even though most of us were hosting it. We attributed this in large part to our Meditation Practices and how it helps put things into perspective, such that you know Christmas is but one day in our yearly lives that comes and goes like any other and it's there to enjoy, not stress over.

So to all those out there worrying and stressing about Christmas preparations and expectations - let it go and enjoy it. Like anything - it takes a bit of Organization to factor in some Meditation - even if it is only a few minutes here and there but it's worth it. Merry Christmas!

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Too many people I know, and probably many of you as well, do too much
leading up to Christmas, and especially on the actual day. That's not what
Christmas is supposed to be about, so start to make a few changes this year
and a few more the next year and so on, and see if you can do something to
change that!

Claire McFee
Author Organize Your Life

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

You Sexy Mother

'You Sexy Mother' is the new book by Author Jodi Hedley-Ward which has been featured on Ch9's A Current Affair twice recently, and deservedly so. Jodi has hit the 'Nail' on the proverbial 'Head' covering topics relevant to all mothers who at some stage or other struggle to maintain a sense of 'Self' after having children. There's lots of practical info about how to - as I've always put it "Factor yourself into the equation."

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