Thursday, 27 May 2010

Wonderful New Book - Naturally Better - Endorsed by Deborra-Lee and Hugh Jackman...and yours truly...Enter our Comp to win a copy!

I met a totally inspirational lady online a while back. Her name is Kristen Morrison and she is the author of newly released book Naturally Better. Kristen has had some amazingly high profile people endorse her book - for nothing - as they think it is so good; including Deborra-Lee and Hugh Jackman and Janella Purcell - Nutritionist from Biggest Loser. I was privileged to also review her wonderful book. See below for more.

As my regular readers will know I am just as passionate about helping empower people to improve their Health via Natural means - due to the firsthand, profound results I have achieved this was - as I am about organizing.... the healthier you are physically and mentally the better you handle life's challenges including staying organized!!

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Naturally Better Reviews:-

‘This book is an invaluable source for anyone wanting to tackle and conquer the myriad of challenges that our kids face. Kristen has listened to her heart and followed her instincts in a holistic manner, on how to heal and assist her son in achieving his personal best! This family’s journey reminds us that we have the power to be the masters of our destiny and we instinctively know that there is much we can do that is not necessarily the road most travelled.’Deborra-Lee & Hugh Jackman

‘Kristen has shown us that with caring, patience and determination anything is possible. In my clinic everyday I see the healing potential of medicinal herbs, nutrition and other natural therapies, but when it’s mixed with a mother’s love and a positive attitude, well, the result is the miracle that is Gryffin Morrison.’
Janella Purcell, Biggest Loser Nutritionist

& the long version of mine :)

“I wish Kristen Morrison’s book, Naturally Better was around when my children were diagnosed with numerous food preservative /colouring allergies and intolerance's, as well as some mild learning difficulties several years ago. It was so daunting trying to find out what was ‘wrong’ and working out what course of action was best for them. We ended up going down the Natural route as well with profound results. This prompted me to think how many kids are out there with even mild behavioural and learning issues that could be resolved using these types of strategies.

Natural Health solutions are not rocket science when you look into it but we need to be empowered and encouraged to consider them and utilise them by mainstream Health Professionals. Kristen’s story is inspiring to say the least. I couldn’t put the book down. I learned a lot I had no idea about that I can also implement into our children’s lives.

…..In her book, Kristen explains in easy to understand language what desperately needs to be mainstream knowledge about what we can do for our children (and ourselves) for optimum health, to be able to reach our full potential. The information shared with the reader is essential to help you take a more proactive role in you and your families health and well being.
Through sharing her heartfelt and inspiring story Kristen’s book will save you hundreds of hours and will change countless lives. Make sure you are one of them.”
Claire McFee Author ‘Organize Your Life’

Till next time, Happy Organizing.

Claire McFee Creator Organize Your Life Organizers

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tips to deal with a dis-organized partner

I caught up with two friends recently and we ended up discussing how different males and females are (in general of course!) when it comes to organization, thinking ahead and multi-tasking. The difference can often be stark and a source of great frustration.

There are ways to help avoid pitfalls in these areas, which I wrote an article about a while back. I thought it may be helpful to you if you are in a similar situation and have a dis-organized partner and don’t know how to get them to tackle/ keep on top of their own stuff - without world war three! Enjoy!

"10 Steps To Help You Deal With A Disorganized Partner.”
by Claire McFee

I have had numerous emails asking me for advice on what to do when you are organized but your other half isn't. Below are some tips on what you can do that may help if this is applicable to you and is driving you nuts. Please keep in mind that you can only change your own behaviour, not someone else's. Having said that remember that by altering your behaviour you may then help someone else react differently, thereby changing theirs.

1. Go in with a positive attitude - not with a negative one assuming the worst before you have even begun, because your partner will pick up on this. (review “How to get motivated and set goals”on ways to psyche yourself up for the challenge ahead.)

2. Lead by example and occasionally (& subtly) point out some of the changes you have made in your routine or the clutter you have tackled, and how much less stressed and how much better you feel finally dealing with it.

3. Initially keep up your own good work without expecting your partner to notice or even comment about it let alone miraculously do the same thing. Gradually ask for help.
For example ask them to go through that pile of papers of theirs on the kitchen table, (then move onto bigger jobs like the garage down the track. (Be prepared to help your partner go through their things with them and remember to help them be ruthless in the filing and/or binning of it all.)

4. Have your own "to do" list somewhere your partner can see it and over time start a separate one for them (don't make it overwhelmingly long or this may frighten them off!) The fridge is a good place to put this. Tick off the jobs for both of you as you go - (if your partner hasn't done theirs already.)

5. Write down a time-line for the jobs on your lists. Yours may be weekly but your partners may initially need to be monthly. If the jobs haven't been done within this time, it may highlight to them how much time has passed and how little has been done, which may help jog their memory to tackle the tasks sooner rather than later.

6. Be clear about your intentions and when you think the time is right, ask for your partners help. (Remember not to nag or you won't get anywhere!!) For example you could say- "I'm hoping to re-organize some of my things this weekend. Would you be able to help me go through some of your things at the same time? Then I'll know what I can take to the op shop and/or throw away of yours along with my stuff."

Happy Organizing

Claire McFee Creator Organize Your Life Organizers

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

What would I do without my trusted to do List?!!?

The list of To Do’s we all have to tend to these days can boarder on ridiculous. Although it would be lovely not to need the good only paper based to do list, unless you are born with a photographic memory or similar it’s impossible to remember what needs to be done without one!!

Here’s a snap shot of a recent daily to-do list, which no doubt is similar to yours. We really do have to fit a lot into a day don’t we!!!

To do 1 : Get a card and present for daughters friend’s birthday
To do: 2 Get bday card for father in law –stamp/send
To do 3: Call Telstra
To do 4: Call Powercore
To do 5: Pay 12 bills for new house!
To do 6: Have friend over for bday lunch
To do 7: Edit eBook
To do 8: Liaise with website technical contractor to fix some website issues
To do 9: Call Naturopath –order homeopathics
To do 10: Arrange visit to vet for kittens
To do 11: arrange to borrow portable cat carrier from friend to transport said kittens 1 hr to closest vet!

Gosh it feels good to tick off things as you get them done though doesn’t it.

I honestly couldn’t cope without my To Do List/s. they give me clarity and direction and ease of mind, knowing I have written down what needs to be done, so I know I won’t forget. This frees up my mind up for other things and I’m sure you are the same. If not give a To Do List a go and notice the difference in brain fog lifting and energy levels rising. When I first came up with the idea for my organizer 10 years ago, I couldn’t believe the difference in both these areas. It was nothing short of astounding.

As Psychologist Molly Campbell said on A Current Affair about Organize Your Life:-

“Once you get started it's self-motivating…. as you start ticking off the things you have accomplished your energy starts to go up, and then you're off and running.."

So true.

Anyway back to my beloved to do list and what needs to be done next…

Claire McFee Author
Organize Your Life Organizers

Organizing a good Homework routine with your kids

Organizing a good homework routine with your kids

With the two kids and the usual afterschool sports and recreation (my 10 yo had surfing lessons at the local beach for a term recently–how lucky is that!), sometimes homework gets pushed to the side.

If you’ve got a daughter anything like mine - who is very good as distracting/changing the subject and finding excuses to do anything but homework, this can lead to leaving homework till too late and feeling very stressed out trying to get the homework done in time. Emma has partly developed these strategies of avoiding homework due to a reading problem she has –(similar to dyslexia) which, over the years, has led to a dislike of normal learning methods in general. You have to come round the ‘back door’ with Emma to get her to have a go – something apparently my parents tell me they had to do with me in many ways (doh!).

With my husband having been working 12/13 hour days building our house, this has meant more household jobs have fallen to me that we would normally share, so fitting in adequate time to do homework together is more challenging. I have to be strict (ie; organized!) about doing it at certain times and not letting Emma get out of it, but not be too strict or risk a toxic learning environment. It hasn’t been easy I can tell you.

I don’t know about you – if you have a child/ren who avoid homework like the plague too) but there’s quite an art to finding the right balance between being a fun to be around mum and being a nagging, not so nice to be around mum when it comes to homework routines and expectations. Emma has had a lot of extra ‘homework’ with programs she has done to help her get ahead so by the time school homework comes around she’s really over it. Trying to ‘teach’ your own child can be challenging to say the least. I have to pick my times and be very careful not to correct everything she does incorrectly or this can be taken as criticism to a child who is sensitive about ALWAYS being wrong. What I have found that works quite well on those days when the standard homework is just not going to get done, is playing a game such as hangman or monopoly. This give Emma an opportunity to practice her reading and spelling in a more indirect way.

Have you experienced this issue? If so what strategies have you used to work around your children’s homework issues? What organizing tips do you have to share?

Claire McFee Author
Organize Your Life Organizers