Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Organize Your Life on ABC Radio

I was contacted to be interviewed on ABC radio twice recently guessed it Organizing to Spring Cleaning your house.
One interviewer focused on Spring Cleaning inside the house, while the other was about Organizing the dreaded shed/garage. Both were enjoyable interviews - with the 'junkyard Jill' characters versus the innately organized people being discussed, and of course the rest of us in between.

As I always say - how effectively and naturally you take to being able to Organize Your self and your home often comes down to your personality, so being realistic about what you can achieve is important. Getting help if you need it -paid or otherwise is also 'key' to the Home Organizing issue.
I mentioned the National Organising Week here in Australia and the free workshops at Officeworks around the country, which with the help of new Australian Association of Professional Organisers - AAPO - Sponsor DYMO. I'm sure all Organizing workshops are being well attended.
So happy organizing and spring cleaning!

To see and read more about the Media coverage Organize Your life has had over the years then go to the Organize Your Life Media page.

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