Sunday, 28 February 2010

Hitting a Wall? Siimon Reynolds explains how to avoid failure in any life area

The Age Sunday Life Magazine had a great article titled "Hitting the Wall" about routine; motivation; good habits; bad habits etc from an extract of Advertising Guru Siimon Reynolds book "Why people fail?"

In the article Siimon Reynolds touches on how, once enthusiasm for a new project goal wanes after the initial stages of execution the often drudgerous next steps make the goal hard to achieve unless you get into the habit of visualising your end goal to keep you motivated.

Habits are what help you achieve where others fail says Reynolds. The article goes onto to illustrate 3 Areas you can apply Rituals to that Reynolds believes make the 'difference' between success and failure.

Basically writing your goals down and prioritising what needs to be done to achieve those goals.
This includes a to do list and spending at least ten mins on each task, having started the most important immediately.

This is for people who want to become experts in the field.
To do this, Reynolds suggests Reading an Industry related book daily as well as lesser time reading magazines and related blogs
Quarterly: Have a coffee with an Industry Expert
Yearly: Attend 2 conferences


Again...Make a list of people you want to connect with.
Set a weekly target: book people in!
Make one call or send one email per day to keep on top of you social goals

So whether it is professional related or Personal getting clear by setting goals, being conscious of making new habits / rituals can be applied to any area of life. Give it a go and watch your life area be transformed...after all on 3 small steps per day equates to 1,000 steps yearly to help reach success.

As my favourite quote goes "The weakest pen is better than the strongest memory", so as Reynolds suggest Get it down on paper!!!!

Happy Organizing,

Claire McFee Author
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