Tuesday, 11 May 2010

What would I do without my trusted to do List?!!?

The list of To Do’s we all have to tend to these days can boarder on ridiculous. Although it would be lovely not to need the good only paper based to do list, unless you are born with a photographic memory or similar it’s impossible to remember what needs to be done without one!!

Here’s a snap shot of a recent daily to-do list, which no doubt is similar to yours. We really do have to fit a lot into a day don’t we!!!

To do 1 : Get a card and present for daughters friend’s birthday
To do: 2 Get bday card for father in law –stamp/send
To do 3: Call Telstra
To do 4: Call Powercore
To do 5: Pay 12 bills for new house!
To do 6: Have friend over for bday lunch
To do 7: Edit eBook
To do 8: Liaise with website technical contractor to fix some website issues
To do 9: Call Naturopath –order homeopathics
To do 10: Arrange visit to vet for kittens
To do 11: arrange to borrow portable cat carrier from friend to transport said kittens 1 hr to closest vet!

Gosh it feels good to tick off things as you get them done though doesn’t it.

I honestly couldn’t cope without my To Do List/s. they give me clarity and direction and ease of mind, knowing I have written down what needs to be done, so I know I won’t forget. This frees up my mind up for other things and I’m sure you are the same. If not give a To Do List a go and notice the difference in brain fog lifting and energy levels rising. When I first came up with the idea for my organizer 10 years ago, I couldn’t believe the difference in both these areas. It was nothing short of astounding.

As Psychologist Molly Campbell said on A Current Affair about Organize Your Life:-

“Once you get started it's self-motivating…. as you start ticking off the things you have accomplished your energy starts to go up, and then you're off and running.."

So true.

Anyway back to my beloved to do list and what needs to be done next…

Claire McFee Author
Organize Your Life Organizers

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Grandma Nina said...

I saw your site through Blog Frog. I love to be organized and feel exactly as you do. I always have "To do" lists that everyone teases me about and I've always preached that a clean and organized home gives you a clean and organized mind.
So nice to meet you.