Thursday, 5 May 2011

Mother's Day Goodies Comp and Allergy Friendly Foods Review

As our way of saying Happy Mother's day we have 4 great treats for you to help you along your Motherhood Journey. Sign up to our newsletter at to find out all about them.
One is the Mother's Day Treat is to enter a special draw to win ~$50 worth of goodies from

Here is my recent review of the Fab products. :)

Allergy Friendly Foods Review

"We were thrilled at how tasty everything was. It's such a relief to find Allergy Friendly Foods the kids like, as many don't have much flavour. The improvement in our kids physical & behavioural symptoms since being on an AF diet has been remarkable. Our favourites were the DariFree Milk (sooo much nicer than Soy my son says!), Snack Bars, SurfSweets, & Crunch Flax Cereal!"
Claire McFee Author Organize Your Life Household Organizer

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