Friday, 15 July 2011

Organize Your Health and Wellbeing Naturally - 'Outsmart your Cancer'

Organize Your Health and Wellbeing
with 'Outsmart Your Cancer'

I just had to share details of this amazing book with you I recently found. Although specifically to do with fighting Cancer naturally there is a lot of very important information related to health and wellness generally that we could ALL benefit from.

For example, I used to be Estrogen Dominant, which in large part caused symptoms including depression and was undiagnosed for many years - even with a blood test at the doctors -(turns out a saliva test is much more accurate or muscle testing as I used with a trained therapist.) This condition, how it is caused and how you can rectify it are outlined in the book and is a must-read for all women whether you are pre-menopausal, peri-menopausal or post-menopausal. Many men are also Estrogen Dominant due to preventable lifestyle factors, which are also addressed.

As many of you would already know it's almost impossible to get on top of your life when you feel overwhelmed  let alone depressed - and good organization can feel like a pipe dream. But taking an organized approach to your health and wellbeing can positively effect all other aspects of your life and arming yourself with knowledge is a very powerful way to do this. Bottom line is we need to be proactive in our health and this book is the perfect place to start empowering ourselves with better knowledge.

I have shared this with my family and friends and am sure you will want to too. Read the free Chapter in Amazon to get a feel of the quality of the book. You won't be disappointed. Best  money I've ever spent and that's saying something!

Please share this invaluable information with your loved ones. They will forever be grateful.

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