Monday, 29 August 2011

Thanks for the great endorsement from fellow Author Elke Emerald!

Wow just got this unsolicited review from the inspirational Elke Emerald - Author, University Lecturer, Life Coach to name a few. Thanks Elke!

" At a recent Hay House writer’s workshop, in a room of 600 people, I was blessed to ‘happen’ to sit next to Claire McFee of Organize Your Life.

Claire is a talented and energetic mother, wife and business woman. With the arrival of her first child, she perceived the need for more organization in her life. And so was conceived Organise Your Life.

If you are a busy, multifaceted, multifunctioning modern person (find me one who isn’t) the Organize Your Life system may well be a real support for you. Claire has thought of everything: Organizers include Self, Home, Money and Family. Each of these Organizers creates a space for you to consider and record everything from your bank account details and tax records, your holiday plans and sports commitments, to your dream diary and personal goals! Each is a digital document that you can write in and leave in electronic format, or print out for a folder or to stick on the fridge. Claire’s organizers include lots of tips for getting your life together, and there is also a newsletter you can sign up to for more great ideas.

The Organizers will take you a little effort to get set up as you’ll be entering a lot of detail to get started. But once it’s done, it’s done! And like anything – the beauty is in the using – once you are using the Organizers you’ll have all your information and plans and obligations, responsibilities, ideas, dreams, goals … all together and readily accessible. So rather than search through 20 different books and folders and documents and bits of paper with important dates and notes, you’ll have it all together. And rather than losing sight of your treasured goals, ideas and projects, you’ll have a reminder right here. There is even a Gratitude Journal, Affirmations page and a page to note down compliments you have been given!

I encourage you to take a close look at Claire’s Organizers."

Elke Emerald
For more information got to Elke's website for some Free Meditaiton downloads to get you started on a clamer path.
Elke has a long commitment to enabling others to find their direction and strength in life. She has taught in primary schools, technical colleges (TAFE) and University and has had a long career as a scholar and researcher in education. Elke brings rich life experience and a wide variety of skills and insights to her coaching and mentoring. elke’s qualifications include:

o    PhD in Education

o    Certificate IV in Life Coaching and Mentoring

o    Graduate Certificate in Adult Education

o    Reiki Master and Teacher

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