Monday, 20 October 2008

AAPO Professional Organizers Conference in Sydney

Julie, Deb and I just got back from the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers Conference in Sydney, which was fantastic. So well organized - as you'd expect!! There were attendees from all over Australia, New Zealand and even some University Lecturers from Indonesia as well - so a mixed bag of interesting Organizing type people.

I will go into more detail about some of the great Professional Organisers/Organizers we met in future posts, as there is too many to mention in one go. We have lined up several interviews with experts in various Organizational fields - covering book publishing/promoting; the Psychology of Organizing/Organising; Organizing your home for sale; Marketing your Organizational business and so on - to post on our site in the future. We were known as the 'Three (Organising) Musketeers' or as Julie's Husband has coined us - the 'Three Marketeers'. Attending our first Professional Organizing/Organising conference together really showed us what a great team we are and how well we work together - each with our own business area we focus on and love.

We have lots of new Organizing Professional Affiliates lined up from the Organizers Conference which is exciting for both us and them. They can help spread the word to people and we can help their Organizing business grow - with a great resource for their dis-organized/dis-organised clients. Win - win - got to love it.

So our new Organize Your Life site is LIVE and the feedback has been brilliant. The first step to becoming the 'Umbrella' for all things Organized! watch this space.

Claire McFee
Author Organize Your Life


Sarita Stratton said...

Hi Girls,
Great to meet you all in Sydney at the AAPO Conference and see your great book. I know some of my clients are going to find it really useful. Easy to find what you want and easy to use. We are all so busy these days it is great to have a tool like yours that is so user friendly.
Kind regards,
Sarita Stratton
S.O.S. Sarita's Organising Service
"You name it - I'll organise it!"
Adelaide, South Australia

Wendy Davie - Organising Guru said...

It was so great to see you in Sydney for AAPO Conference. You need to get to NAPO in Orlando next year. I will see you there if you do.
Love the website it is great. Cheers
Wendy Davie
President AAPO
Author - "The Accidental Organiser"