Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Organize Your Life to be Featured in New Organizational book

I had a call out of the blue a little while back from a published Author who is writing a book guess it Organization. I will let you know Who, What and Where down the track. We had a great chat about all things Organizational, including the Psychology of Organizing and how different Organization is to all of us depending on your personality types. There are of course a lot of similarities but definitely lots of differences too. That's why it's important for you to find systems that work for you, which may mean one bit from one system and another from a different one. What ever works! What do you do that works well when it comes to your organization skills? Just remember to stick to only a few systems or you'll end up in one big dis-organized mess.

Julie, Deb and I have a book or two 'in us' for the future, but due to current demand for our new Interactive Organizer it may be a little while before we get a chance to put pen to paper! All in good time.

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Claire McFee
Organize Your Life Author


Wendy said...

You go girls - you rock!

Organize Your Life said...

Thanks Wendy - so do you!!
Hope the lead up to Christmas is going ok for you. I've done my Christmas cards already which I'm stoked about -earliest ever!
Merry christmas!