Thursday, 27 November 2008

Organizing Christmas Lunch - recipe ideas

Unlike my sisters and Mum - I am not a 'Foodie' by any stretch of the imagination. Don't get me wrong I love food, just not spending hours making things from scratch. I would love your recipes for some easy, yummy Salads as I am hosting Christmas this year on my own for my husbands family. A weblink to some good recipes would be great. Look forward to your feedback.


Anonymous said...

The cabbage salad recipe on the back of the Chang's fried noodle packs is delicious, and easy. It has green cabbage,spring onions, toasted shredded almonds, the crunchy noodles, and a soy/vinegar (white or white wine vinegar)/sesame oil dressing. My friend served it up the other night with roast chicken and baked potatoes, and great with a BBQ or anything. Jenny (Ocean Grove)

Organize Your Life said...

Thanks Jenny I'll give it a go. :)Merry Christmas! Claire

Anonymous said...

Make potato salad! I put potatoes, tomato, bacon, red and green capsicum and onion in mine, with a bit of mayo. You can also make it with a bottled salad dressing if you are watching your figure