Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Camping and Organization - can they go together!?

We are now back from our first camping trip, which was great. I must say the whole camping experience made me realize - as much as I like to think I'm never anal about anything - that I definitely can be.

I quickly realized that things can get out of control in an instant when camping, because the space is so darn small. I had to set some ground rules with hubby and the kids early on, so that I didn't lose the plot daily. Putting things back where they belong and getting into a good organized routine with everyone having certain jobs to do on a daily basis was imperative - if we wanted to actually enjoy our camping trip together. Being organized was paramount that's for sure.

My first camping experience was a real eye opener. I chilled out a bit by the end of the holiday but it made me realize how much I was still picking up after others and that I did not want that to continue. They are old enough to do it themselves - especially hubby!

We have new routines in place at home learned from our camping trip, which will make my life much easier.

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Claire McFee
Organize Your Life Author

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