Sunday, 11 January 2009

Organize a great Camping Trip

We are on holiday at Wilson's Prom in Victoria. It's my first camping trip ever so it's interesting to see how it all works. If ever good Organization is needed it's when camping. The space is obviously so much smaller than what you are used to living in, therefore it gets untidy so much quicker. Everyone needs to be conscious of putting things back where they belong or it's impossible to function and relax and enjoy yourself. We are in a caravan with a full Annex, which is a Godsend. It's where all our clothes bags and kids toys can go and of course the potty for those night time toilet visits!

Campers are a friendly bunch and you can hear families singing to the guitar at night, which is lovely to listen to. Trees are a precious commodity to dry clothes, so bringing lots of rope for that and all other manner of things is a must. For a first timer I am actually pleased with remembering to pack most things we need. The good thing is you can make do or a nice 'neighbour' will lend it to you.

The kids are taking on more responsibility than I expected - made easier by the lower sink and bench tops. We have the whole washing, drying and putting away down pat which is great and is something we will be able to carry on at home.

If you are a camping veteran and have the packing down to a fine art, I'd love to hear your packing tips and ways to save time.

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