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How to Organize Your Home Life

I am still on a New Year's 'high', with our new family routines still going supurbly well. What a difference a year makes with the kids and what they are able to take responsibility for as they get older. They are getting so much better at tidying up after themselves and organizing their own stuff. I must say I'm really proud of them. They definitely have a happier mum as a result! Below is an article on how to Organize Your Home Life if you need some more pointers.

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How to Organize your Home

Home is truly where the heart is. It can be welcoming or overwhelming depending on how you organize your time, clutter} and our psyche/mind. The ultimate goal for ourselves is to have a home that calms and soothes us, but equally invigorates us and excites us about our future and where we are heading. For most of us mere mortals, this doesn’t just ‘happen’ miraculously, it takes effort, time and of course Organization With help, it’s easier than you would think. Here are some tips to think about in this important life area.

Keep on top of your ‘Stuff’
Too many possessions can be the death of a person. It is imperative to constantly pass on items that are not used or are broken beyond repair.

Do {regular/constant} ‘Culls’
The average home needs to do 2-3 clear outsculls per year to maintain clutter free space for you and/or your family.

Get the Family on Board
If you have a partner and kids it’s only fair that it is a team effort to have a happy, well functioning household. Setting a good example is imperative here and also taking into account different personality types plays a big part too. If you have a child who couldn’t find his own teeth to brush if they weren’t attached to his head then allowing some leeway for his room to not to be perfectly sorted every day. Pick your fights!!

‘One in one out’ Rule
A good general idea to stick to is whenever you buy a new item for the house, you need to get rid of a similar older item. This can apply to clothing; toys; books; old tools; jewellery; kitchen appliances etc.

Be patient
It takes approximately 21 days to create a new habit, so give yourself time to get used to any new routine that you implement to improve your household organization.

Everything in its place, everything has a place
It’s surprising how out of place things look when not put away when there is a home for everything. It’s so much easier to keep on top of cleaning; tidying; organizing your home when you have this underlying rule to live by. Similar to the saying “A penny saved is a penny earned now” is - “A minute spent now is a hour saved later” – seriously!

Keep it simple
Consciously create more control over where you are heading and what you let into your life and therefore your home. By this I mean for example, if particular family and friends have a draining effect on you then consider cutting down the amount of time you spend with them. We can only help others so much and many don’t want to be helped anyway. You need to learn to put yourself first and not see this as a selfish thing to do – you can learn to do it in a healthy, positive way. Your organized home and anyone in it will thank you for it!

Act Locally think Globally
None of us can plead ignorance when it comes to the effect we are having on the planet anymore. So when buying anything for the home, don’t only think about whether you need or really want it, but also consider the effect of your consumerism on the wider world. It may make you think twice. Collectively we can make a huge difference. And ultimately create a happier home life through your thoughtful actions and organizing efforts.

It’s easier than you think to organize your life. So stop thinking about it and just do it!

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