Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Organize Your Clothes Wardrobe

I have been helping my husband (a builder) with a couple of internal and external wall frames for our new house (to be completed by the end of the year.) It's surprisingly exciting seeing where everything is - in particular my office and walk in robe. Those of you have been following me for a while now, know that I am bargain Queen from way back and especially love finding clothing treasures in Op shops. So as you can imagine, I have a few clothes to store and keep organized. We have been renting for a few years while preparing to build/building and I have had the smallest closet ever during that time,so I am looking forward to being able to organize my clothes in a more orderly manner. then I will be able to see everything I have and actually wear all the clothes I have spent my hard earned money on! My shoes will even have a special home raised off the floor so they can be seen properly.

What I have had to do in the meantime is separate my Summer clothes, so that they fit into the closet/wardrobe. This works well, although it has it's drawbacks when you live in Victoria as I do, when there are often 4 seasons in one day, leaving you without easy access to everything you own and reducing your clothing options big time. You manage of course, but the thought of not having to store my clothes in separate areas in my new new walk in robe is blissful!

See my article on Organizing Your Clothes Closet at our Organize Your Life website:

I would love to hear your clothes/wardrobe/closet storage and organizing solutions, so tell us your secrets.


Imogen Lamport said...

So true Clare! When you can actually see your clothes you will wear them. So often I organise a wardrobe and we find multiple items of the same garment because they'd forgotten that they'd already bought it before and it was hidden away in the back of a drawer.

Organize Your Life said...

Organizing peoples clothes and their wardrobes must be a lot of fun and rewarding -seeing the transformation of people's clothes and their image/looks.
It can make such an amazing difference.