Monday, 18 May 2009

Depression and Anxiety Solution you may not have heard about it.

The reason I came up with the idea for Organize Your Life almost 10 years ago was to help me manage better after having my first child. I had experienced depression prior to having children, so I was concerned about getting Post Natal Depression. I knew being organized (or as much as you can be with a baby!) would help and it did.

Over the years I have leanred a lot about depression and how to best manage it and am passionate about helping others do the same. Many subscribers and customers have emailed me over the years telling me their 'before and after' overwhelmed/depression stories which inspires me to keep doing it.

I have found several really effective solutions to the depression I experienced that you probably haven't heard about. Sad but true. What is termed alternative, which is really just 'Natural Medicine' and was around for eons longer than Western Medicine has an enormous part to play in maintaining good mental health. In this modern age both have an important part to play. Don't get me wrong, I am not against anti-depressants, although I do think they are over-prescribed and not monitored closely sometimes enough by many doctors (who are overworked and not trained well enough in the area perhaps?)

Anti Depressants played an important role in my recovery, giving me enough space to feel moderately well, to be able to look into the real underlying cause of my depression and how to prevent or at least manage it better. Unfortunately for many, they have tried anti-depressants only to suffer from many side effects, rendering them unable to get any benefits and often more depression and anxiety about their future. It is certainly not a one size fits all solution.

One key thing I heave learned over the years in particular, is that we have way more control over our mind than we realize, but that most of us wouldn't have a clue how to. i know I was one of them. Good news is it can be learned and is profound once done. The 'Panic Away Program' is one such way learn how to do this. Mainstream Medicine is gradually seeing the evidence banking up, proving that the techniques covered in the Program are effective and most importantly work over the long term when used regularly.

I have made a short YouTube clip on this topic that may help you, so simply click on the links below to view and hopefully there will be one or more depression strategies that may work for you if you are in this situation.
I am so impressed by the program that I am personally endorsing it. To find out more go to

We are actually offering our Self e-Organizer for free to anyone who purchases the Panic Away Program through us plus lots of other bonuses.

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