Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Get organized to win some stuff!

Just a quick 'feel good' post to let you now about a great website that gives away stuff all the time! Everyone loves to get free 'stuff', inlcuding me! If you haven't heard of them -(they were featured on Ch7 Sunrise a while back), then hope on over to Business Mums Network to sign up for their regular giveaways.

This has to relate to being organized in some way of course, which is easy because if you aren't organized, you forget or don't find the time to do something like this, or even important tthings in your life.

Getting something for nothing may be just the incentive you need to 'find the time' in your busy life. Interesting that we can usually find the time to fit in new things when we choose to isn't it? Motivation plays a big part in being able to get and stay organized. Worth thinking about what your motivations are, to be able to give yourself a kick up the proverbial when you need to!

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