Monday, 20 April 2009

Life's 'Problen Solvers' - including Professional Organizers

You may have read an interesting article in The Age's 'M' magazine a little while back about 'Problem Solvers', not surprisingly including Professional Organizers, or P.O's as they are commonly known.

Organize Your Life are members of both the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) and the American equivalent NAPO and have met/had contact with countless PO's over the years. As a result and can vouch for the great work they do with their clients - usually everyday people like you and me -who just need a helping hand to keep on top of their home affairs due to leading such busy lives.

These days, hiring a cleaner, dog groomer or an image consultant is becoming part of everyday life for many people. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1:5 Australians works more than 50 hours a week. That’s a lot of people with very little spare time for chores and errands. The rise in the outsourcing of all manner of domestic help is linked to more and more women in the workforce, rather than at home as in the past having more time to do the household chores etc. So people are basically buying back time chewed up by all we have to fit into our busy lives.

If you fit into this category then go to for a list of great Australian Professional Organisers.

If you need some motivation to Start the Organizing process yourself you may like to read my article "How to Organize Your Home"

Here is a snippet for you -

How to Organize your Home

by Claire McFee

Home is truly where the heart is. It can be welcoming or overwhelming depending on how we organize our time, possessions and our psyche. The ultimate goal for ourselves is to have a home that calms and soothes us, but equally invigorates us and excites us about our future and where we are heading. For most of us mere mortals this doesn’t just ‘happen’ miraculously, it takes a bit of effort and of course Organization. With guidance it’s easier than you would think. Here are some points to think about in this important life area.

Keep on top of your ‘Stuff’

Too many possessions can be the death of a person. It is imperative to continuously ‘move on’ items that are not used or are broken beyond repair.

Do regular ‘Culls’

The average home needs to do 2-3 clear outs per year to maintain a semi-clutter free space for you and/or your family.

Get the Family on Board

If you have a partner and kids it’s only fair that it is a team effort to have a happy, well functioning household. Setting a good example is imperative here and also taking into account different personality types plays a big part too. If you have a child who couldn’t find his own teeth to brush if they weren’t attached to his head then allowing some leeway for his room to not have to be perfectly sorted everyday. Pick your battles!!

‘One in one out’ Rule

A good general idea to stick to is whenever you buy a new item for the house, you need to pass on a similar older item. This can apply to clothing; toys; books; old tools; jewellery; kitchen appliances etc.

To read full article go to "How to Organize Your Home"

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