Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A funny Birthday Gift to help clean the house more easily!

It was my birthday recently and a friend gave me an hysterical present that I had to share with you - see above. To explain the gift - although I LOVE decluttering and organizing my 'stuff', unfortunately the same can not be said for cleaning my house. I do it of course - just not as happily and certainly without wasting time 'overdoing' it - if you know what i mean!

A great quote that sums up my view on this goes like this:-
"What will be more important on your death bed - the sparkle of the kitchen floor or the sparkle in your children's eyes?"

Anyway my gorgeous friend Michelle gave me these Slipper Genie's that you can wear to clean the floor at the same time! Who would've thought!

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Claire McFee
co Creator - Organize Your Life Organizers


Lori said...

I have added your link to my new blog. Please come by and say hello!

Hope you are doing great!!



Organize Your Life said...

Thanks Lori,
Will do.

Caravan Trading Group said...

Hi! Nice to meet you through the Blog Hop, which is such a great way to find blogs that we otherwise might never have the chance to see!

We'll be starting a new meme called Small World Saturday on August 1. I hope that you'll join us; it should be lots of fun!

Ali and Carleen from Egypt Everlasting