Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I'm only human - and I forgot....

Hopefully you can learn from my mistake...

We went to Melbourne on the weekend, namely for Neil and I to have a romantic night away - using a free nights accommodation we had, as part of a Discounted Hotel Club Membership that was about to expire. Due to building our house over the past year we haven't had a chance to use the free night let alone take advantage of any other discounted accommodation...

Anyway you can imagine my disappointment when we arrived to check in and were told(even though I had booked the accommodation online using my membership number etc) that we wouldn't be able to get the free night without presenting the actual membership card - no exceptions!!! (unless I was to sign up for another year with them then and there. Hmmmmm.) I was not a happy camper I can tell you, but kept my cool. It obviously wasn't the hotel staff who were responsible for such a silly rule and they were great, giving us a discounted rate and 2 free breakfast.

Apparently it states somewhere in the very long 'terms and conditions' that you have to have your card on you to get your free night - something most people including me don't usually read word for word, so more than suss in my book. How many others are caught out in the same way. My purse is overloaded enough as it is!

So if you are part of any Discounted Accommodation Groups don't make the same mistake I made. Suffice to say on principle we didn't sign up with them again - I don't take kindly to being bribed!

There's always a silver lining though. In this case, the good thing to come out of it is that Emma - our 10 year old daughter - and I are going to have a 'girls night' after her Tutor Session in Geelong (an hour away). So we can still use the free night before it expires in a week. Emma is thrilled and I know we will have a memorable time just the two of us.

Some friends would have a good laugh about this - having a business called Organize Your Life and not being organized enough to prevent this happening. Oh well. I'm only human after all!

Till next time.

Claire McFee
co Creator - Organize Your Life Organizers

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