Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Now almost 100 Free Health & Wellbeing Giveaways for you!

Well the Outrageous Wellbeing Mega Giveaway Event is into it's 2nd week- so only 2 weeks to go! In fact I have just been informed by Lenore Miller - founder of Outrageously Healthy and this Wellbeing Giveaway event that our Organize Your Whole Life ebook set is the most popular. Lenore says:-

"Claire McFee - Popular with our members
and the most downloaded gift in the
My Outrageous Giveaway Event"

We continually get great feedback about Claire McFee's Organise Your Life products.
If you are interested in de-cluttering your head, home and heart in favour of harmony, health and happiness ... then this is the most exciting product you will have ever seen.

If you feel disorganized or over loaded, do you forget appointments or due bills? Maybe you lose track of birthdays, special occasion's or the favourite movie you wanted to hire at the video store.
Stop Feeling Overwhelmed & be in control of Your Life
Stop misplacing your "Stuff" & Never Miss An Appointment Again!
Take Control Of Your Money Fears...Once And For All!
At least go and take advantage of the 4 complimentary e-books, while you're their check out the E-organizer and see what you think. They have a video showing you how it works.

Thanks for the wrap Lenore!!!

To take part in this great giveaway go to My Outrageous Wellbeing Giveaway and get heaps of great free stuff including Freebies covering :-

"Stress Relief Audio Tool" Contributed by: Amanda Robins
Weight loss and fitness advice
Self confidence Tips
Allergy prevention /solutions
Beauty secrets
the Law of attraction explained
Finding your passion
Expert reviews on popular diets
Healthy Detox methods
Ethos =energy transformation healing open source method
Baby massage
Alternative healing explained
How to’s for yoga and Meditation
Action guide for smart savvy women
How to achieve guilt free eating

.......the list goes on!!

Bye for now,

Happy Organizing
Claire McFee
Organize Your Life Organizers

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Buckeroomama said...

So glad to find your blog. 'Organization' is something I sorely need!! :) Following you from MBC.