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Personal Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Even if your Life Goals are only in your head and not on paper it is better than aimlessly going thru life with no real direction at all. However Studies do support that if you get your Goals down in writing, you are A LOT closer to achieving them. If you are a detailed oriented Goal-Setter - you are putting yourself way ahead of the pack. I know which type of person I'd prefer to be - do you?

That said, our Goals can sometimes change completely and ‘that’s ok’. Don’t beat yourself up if you change your mind about what you want at particlular stage of your life....change is inevitable in all areas of life, so just reassess your goals when necessary and go from there. As Dr. Timothy Sharp from the Happiness Institute says “There is much to be gained from journeys of self discovery”, and that reassessing and questioning were you are ‘at’ and where you want to be are a ‘constructive part of the process...just be conscious of focusing these questions on the positives.”

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Values and Personal Goal Setting

Creating time to get your Goals down on paper let alone implementing them takes organization – as it is all inextricably linked. To properly define what we want from life and how we can break that down into achievable goals takes time to reflect and assess where you are in relation to those goals.

Having core personal values that include respecting YOUR needs and wants, not just everyone elses will greatly influence your main Goal and breaking down of what you are able to achieve. So be conscious of allowing yourself the time to ponder ‘What's next?’ for you, as the more time you spend on this stage, the more time you will save in the execution stage. Psychologist Gemma Cribb, quoted for a Cleo article on this topic titled “The Life re-edit”, says we are often forced to contemplate our life direction when external circumstances change unexpectedly. Whether or not the contemplation you have is planned or unplanned, use your time well.

Assessing your 'Life Direction' it helps to focus on your true values. Cribb goes on to say, “Identify what’s meaningful to you in life and these values will become a reference point. Values are compass points, rather than definite goals ..regardless of other circumstances that are happening in your life.”

So have a think about where you are, where you want to be and whether you have been taking your personal values into account. They will help guide you, so keep them in mind! :)

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Rachel said...

I agree on writing down our goals, be it long or short term. write them down and paste it at a place where we could see the list day on day out.

this little gesture is powerful!