Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Join "The Story of Stuff" Community to help push for change in the world

Annie Leonard has done it again with a fabulous follow up to the brilliant mini-feature The Story of Stuff with The Story of Cap and Trade

If you don't know much or anything about the Carbon Trading Scheme; reduced target emissions etc then perhaps it's time you did and this is the best way I recommend to. :) As Annie Leonard (Founder of the Story of Stuff) succinctly says - the answers aren't going to come from the people that created the problem - conflict of interest anyone!??! - the solutions to the problems we are facing have to come from elsewhere.

The benefits of speaking up and joining forces with groups like these is a safer, cleaner, fairer world for ourselves and our children. No brainer don't you think!

There are more "The story of.." mini-features to follow The Story of Cap and Trade, so keep and eye out for them and join the over 9 million people who have already watched them. Help spread the world. Believe in People Power. I do. :)

Have you seen the Story of Stuff videos? What are your thoughts?

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Claire McFee
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Hi there, just thought I'd drop by and say Hello to you and wish you some Happy Holidays
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