Sunday, 11 July 2010

Organize Lists for Shire / Council Dealings to stay sane!

A friend is in the process of trying to get a permit to build on a block of land here and has been coming up against countless red tape, delays and frustrating hold ups. I really feel for her as we had some really long delays in our planning and building permits.

I was happy to be able to pass on some good tips and contacts we made through the process we went through - who compared to the majority of people we were trying to get help from - -were brilliant.

This reminded me of how important it was at the time that we went through this stressful experience with our local shire / council to keep detailed, organized and accurate records of each and every conversation I had with the various Shire staff and other related professionals. I used the self explanatory title Shire / Council Dealings Record List"" from my organizer to keep these records.

There were numerous times I needed to refer back to them to be able to say "Hang on a minute Joe bloe said on the 12/3 ...., contradicting what you are now saying..."
It gave us the ability to highlight the frustrations we had gone through to those higher up the chain and the mistakes that had been made on the Shires part in countless areas. In fact they were unaware of a by law which prohibited them from trying to get us to install a $40,000 storm water drain instead of a $10,000 one, causing us to waste 6 months!! Thankfully at least in part being able to refer to our details Lists during the saga, we eventual won out. It would have been so much more stressful without a record of all the conversations we had.

So if you are in a similar situation the best thing you can do for yourself is get some paper or a pad if need be - to keep it all in the one place and save your sanity -it definitely helped ours!

Happy Organizing,

Claire McFee Creator Organize Your Life Organizers

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