Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Peter Walsh - Dymo National Organising Week Breakfast Meet and Greet

Well I have just come back from Melbourne after a fantastic meet and greet with Peter Walsh at the Dymo National Organizing Week Breakfast at Crown.

It was fabulous to hear Peter Walsh speak - Peter is a World renowned Author and Oprah's Organizing Guru. Peter is an Austalian (now living in the states) and is as down to earth as you or me, which I really admire. Put simply Peter Walsh is a 'classic Aussie'. Peter told us his family can't believe he gets paid for telling people to make their bed!

Of course there is a lot more to being a Professional Organizer! Peter was full of great organising tips, which I will write about a little later. Peter Walsh's main message, which has been one of my motto's since I started out in the Organizing business over 10 years ago, is getting organized is all about decluttering your house AND head....and as Peter says also your heart, which is sooo true. Organizing is so much more than just organizing your physical space.

Peter Walsh was very generous with his time and was very happy to pose with us for some happy snaps as seen here.

Thanks Peter...was lovely meeting you in person...only one degree away from Oprah. Pretty cool stuff hey!!

Claire McFee Creator Organize Your Life Organizers


Tracy said...

Hi Claire, thanks for visiting us during Wordless Wednesday, I am already following your blog! Great picture of yourself with Peter, particularly timely as I have been proscratinating with starting my annual 'Fall purge' all my closets need a major re-organizational effort! If you are ever in NYC, and could take on a struggling writer with the worlds scariest closets pro bono, let me know! ;-)

Organize Your Life said...

Hi Tracy,

I recognize you now. Thanks for the comment. :)

I am writing a book at the moment too. Slow process while running Organize Your Life and bringing up two young children. All fun and games though...well most of the time.

Good luck with that Fall Purge. Go grab those garbage bags for the tip and chaity store. Feels great once you get started.


Claire McFee
Creator Organize Your Life Organizers