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Organize to say "Grace" - especially at Christmas Time

Well the first Christmas Lunch I hosted this year was a great success. I took my own advice and took a relaxed approach to the Christmas preparations. In fact during the day as I was coordinating efforts in the kitchen I said "Isn't this meant to be stressful!?" To which, we all laughed because it was the opposite. We were all really relaxed, doing our bit to pull it all together. Great to know I can do it without my foodie mum or sisters.

Now onto Organizing your self and your mind sufficiently enough to give thanks for what you are eating and lucky enough to have in front of you with relative ease and affordability. Julie (my business partner) and I were talking about this the other day. I was saying it's a shame with the decrease in people practicing religion so too has the practice of saying 'Grace', even though the two don't have to go hand in hand. Jules told me that her hubby and 4 kids say 'Grace' whenever they eat together which is most nights, even though they aren't Church goers. I had been thinking about wanting to do the same thing, namely to teach the children about the concept of gratitude and to instill the ritual of eating together as they grow up.

My mother and father in law are Church goers and although we have never said 'Grace' when we eat together, I thought it would be nice to ask Bill to say 'Grace' before Christmas lunch. He was really chuffed that I'd asked and he did it really well. As mentioned, this thought had only recently occurred to me and I think this was because of my organized, but relaxed approach to hosting Christmas this year. I am scheduling in reflection time which I think is a brilliant way to to stay still for long enough to organize your thoughts to think of these sorts of things. I wish I'd started earlier, but better late than never!

I hope your Christmas was all you hoped for and more.

If you would like to read more about how to Organize stress free Christmas you may like to read my article "5 Tips on How to Enjoy Christmas more by Simplifying & Re-organizing it!"

5 Tips on How to Enjoy Christmas more by Simplifying & Re-organizing it!

Too many people I know, and probably many of you as well, do too much leading up to Christmas, and especially on the actual day. That's not what Christmas is supposed to be about. So begin by re-organizing your expectations of what Christmas is supposed to be like and start to make a few changes this year and a few more the next and so on, and see if you can do something to change that!

1. Think about sharing the Christmas food preparation each year

For those of you who spread around the location of your Christmas celebration, so that the person who has it a particular year doesn't dread their turn!! Organize everyone to each take a couple of dishes each to ease the burden.

2. Think about the actual food that you prepare for the day

Is it really necessary to have the whole kit and caboodle with all the trimmings!? Especially considering that the tradition of a hot meal comes from the English, whose Christmas day is during winter. Doesn't make sense for those of us having a summer Christmas does it!!

3. Be Realistic

We're not suggesting you ditch the whole Christmas lunch that everyone is used to, just make a few small changes to the meal selection. Some alternatives could be pre-bought cold turkey and/or seafood to cook on the BBQ.

4. Expect a little opposition ....

To read more go to "5 Tips on How to Enjoy Christmas more by Simplifying & Re-organizing it!"

Claire McFee
Organize Your Life Author

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