Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Organize Time to Meditate for a StressFree Christmas

I recently completed a Mindfulness Meditation Based Program, which coming from someone who always thought Meditation 'Wasn't for me', because I thought my mind goes way to quickly and I couldn't possibly slow it down to do it" etc, etc:- I must say I truly believe it can be for anyone, now that I 'get' what it's about. I have written some Meditation articles on the Topic to give you some tips on how to Meditate, which will come out in the New Year.

In the meantime I thought it was interesting to note when attending a local Women's Meditating Group last week for the first time, that upon a discussion about Christmas none of us were 'Stressed' about it, even though most of us were hosting it. We attributed this in large part to our Meditation Practices and how it helps put things into perspective, such that you know Christmas is but one day in our yearly lives that comes and goes like any other and it's there to enjoy, not stress over.

So to all those out there worrying and stressing about Christmas preparations and expectations - let it go and enjoy it. Like anything - it takes a bit of Organization to factor in some Meditation - even if it is only a few minutes here and there but it's worth it. Merry Christmas!

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"5 Tips On How To Enjoy Christmas More By
Simplifying it!"

Too many people I know, and probably many of you as well, do too much
leading up to Christmas, and especially on the actual day. That's not what
Christmas is supposed to be about, so start to make a few changes this year
and a few more the next year and so on, and see if you can do something to
change that!

Claire McFee
Author Organize Your Life

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