Sunday, 21 December 2008

My Lap Top just blew up!!!!!

My Lap Top just blew up as a result of a faulty power point. Doh! It's a lesson to back up my cpmuter more regualrly that's for sure. As annoying as it is, I must say I was really proud of myself for how calmly I handled the situation. I was working on the Organize Your Life website with Julie when it happened (Deb is away in Tasmania visiting family) but we managed to continue working all the same. After all life goes on!

It made me think about how being organized doesn't prevent life 'coming at you' ready or not - although it can certainly help prevent a lot of problems that dis-organziation can result in. Annoying occurances, problems and challenges of all kinds are something we need to accept and be open to. Life goes on regardless, so you may as well stay in the game as a willing participant, not resisting it with a 'Why me' mentality.

I can't believe I didn't even swear when it blew up, even though I lost some information/work that hadn't been backed up. The pervading thought in my head was "What's the point in getting angry." It's better to laugh in situations like that to help diffuse the situation and prevent going into stressed out mode.

Additionally, even in cases like this there's always positives to come from anything negative that happens. There's no growth without challenges in our lives and it's how we respond to things that counts. Imagine if I had ranted and raved and my kids had seen me react like that. Would they then not do the same thing when in a similar. Of course they would. So there's one plus right there.

As Julie said it may take a while to be able to clearly see any other positives with this particular problem, but I bet there are some and as soon as they are evident to me I'll let you know!

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Claire McFee
Author Organize Your Life

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