Wednesday, 18 November 2009

International Buy Nothing Day is coming around again!

It's coming up again - a favourite 'DAY' of mine - International Buy Nothing Day.

So on Nov 23th 2009, try to consciously choose not to buy anything if you can help it. If you must buy something, at least make sure it is a 'must'. The difference this can make is bigger than any of us can imagine.

A lot of people may think - it's just delaying what I have to buy anyway, so what's the point? Well in some instances this is the true but in many cases it is preventing purchases and unnecessary consumerism by stopping you buying something that you otherwise would have.

Let's not forget the Power of the People - collectively we can have an impact Worldwide - especially on day's like International Buy Nothing Day.

So take part and do your bit. I know I will! Being a conscious (and therefore more organized) consumer is a better way to live. :)

Happy Organizing

Claire McFee
Organize Your Life Organizers


Rachel said...

your blog sure gives me inspiration!

will be following you!

chubbydove said...

great tip, will pass it along....thanks for the follow, look forward to reading more

Jennifer said...

Hi, and thank you for stopping by my blog.

I agree, your blog is great! Very intriguing! I'll be back for sure. Now following from MBC!

Vic said...

I'm a great deal shopper and love to buy as little as possible. I will be buying nothing, let's just put it that way.:) Thanks for joining my blog. I'm a new follower as well. Have a great day:)

Jacquie @ Joy Made Full said...

Hmmm...never heard of that day - great idea. I constantly have buyers remorse so this could save me from it!

Following you!

Nathalie Brault said...

full of inspirational post on here, thanks for visiting my blog dear, sure to revisit yours it's on my todo list for sure.
love it.

J. L. W. said...

What a great idea! I am enjoying your blog. You have some great tips. Following from MBC.

Naomi de la Torre said...

Awesome blog! You are very inspiring. I'll be back for more. I'm following you now. Have a super Thanksgiving.

Jenn said...

I have never heard of this day. I LOVE the idea. I'm also trying to sell or donate as much as possible to make room for anything new.

Bluesy-nista said...


I never heard of International Buy Nothing Day. I missed it this year but I will definitely participate next year.
Thanks for the follow. I am your 100th follower. Congratulations!

Kat @ measuring my life in l-o-v-e said...

I didn't even know this day existed - will have to remember for next year as it's 6 days late.

Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

I wish I would have seen this earlier! I need a buy nothing month.

thanks for stopping by and following, following you back(sorry it took so long)