Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Where are your House ‘Clutter Clusters’?

Sarah Wilson from The Age’s Sunday Life Magazine had another interesting article on clutter recently – and in particular Feng Shui / Energy Flow. I’m not sure if Sarah has coined the term but she talks about ‘Clutter Clusters’ in the home and the effect they have, not only on your home but on your life.

Everything in our lives – both physical and mental are all inter-related. If there is too much attention in one area it means another area is missing out. If there is an obvious problem area, it is a sure sign there is a energy blockage somewhere. The more self aware we are the more able we are to recognise this early on – hopefully before the problem gets out of hand and do something constructive about it – say organize your life better!!??.

I know in the past my health has suffered greatly from not having balance in my life – and I’m sure if a Feng Shui consultant came into my home during those times they would have found build ups in the related areas. Where are the main ‘clutter clusters’ in your home? Do you try to organize / declutter these messy areas at least sometimes or are they always there making you feel out of control and overwhelmed? If you have tackled your clutter 'hot spots' successfully, how have you done it?

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