Monday, 30 November 2009

Book Review & competition :- Escape the Parent Trap; Unspoil Your Kids

We have a great competition at the moment - Within Australia only sorry :)- for a new release called "Escape the Parent Trap; Unspoil Your Kids" by Herald Sun Columnist Cheryl Critchley.

All you need to do is email telling us "What you have done to get back to basics with your family" by the Dec 2nd 2009 for a chance to win a copy.

Here's a blurb about the book and my review of it below. Would love to hear your thoughts on unspoiling our kids - do we need to / how do we need to??

Mother of three Cheryl Critchley, who refuses to let the parenting industry run her life, is on a mission to de-clutter parenthood and bring back the basics. Today's parents are time-poor and confused. We are literally drowning in paraphernalia, from programs teaching babies to read to professional party planners for five-year-olds. We have lost confidence and become paranoid, wrapping kids in cotton wool and spoiling them rotten. Cheryl says it's time to slow down, relax (yes relax!), keep it simple and take charge. Parents need permission to ignore the guilt-trip laid on by marketers pushing $1500 prams and overpriced private schools. They need good, basic advice on how to host a great party without spending a fortune, whether your child is ready for school and what to tell teenagers about drugs. They also need to be wary of kids growing up too fast and becoming slave to the range of new technologies taking over their lives. With expert tips and straight talking advice, in the style that has made Cheryl's Parent Trap column in the Herald Sun so popular, you can unspoil your kids and truly enjoy life with them. It's not too late!

“Cheryl Critchelys’s new book ‘The Parent Trap’ tells you exactly what you need to know, to get the rod out of your back that you inadvertently planted there long ago! This easy to follow guide clearly spells out the areas you need to look at to function more effectively as a parent and most importantly as a family. Your words of wisdom will help countless families get back to basics and regain their lives at the same time.” Claire McFee Author Organize Your Life

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josie said...

With fast phase and busy life of parents now a day, it's very important to prioritize the kids' well-being, I still believe in hands on caring for the children. thanks for ff.