Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Organize Your Life Fan Page

We finally have a Facebook Fan Page, which is linked to this Blog. So if you are a facebook fan and like the way they operate you can keep in touch that way too. Got to love technology. I even have what they call a Facebook Vanity URL (funny name hey!) for it which is Organize Your Life Fan Page

Charly Leetham of Ask Charly help me set it up. Here is Charly's Facebook Fan Page to check out all her great free techie tips. Charly is a Website techie wizard(ress)who makes the scary seem WAY less so. Thanks a million Charly!

...Busy with a sick child home this week, so got to go tend to him. :)

bye for now,


Claire McFee Author
Organize Your Life Organizers


melandria said...

that's really nice.

Charly Leetham said...

Hey Claire - you did most of the work and it's awesome.

Congrats on the new fan page - and thanks for the mention.