Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Organize Your Life in the Media again - this time about Children and Pocket Money

I was asked to comment for Cheryl Crithcley's Herald Sun parenting Column again. This time on children and pocket money - titled "Cash or chaos?"

Coincidentally Kimberley Davies - x-Neighbours actor - was on the front cover of the Lift Out the article was in - who I was friends with at middle school - In fact we used to dress up as the characters from Anne of Green Gables and act our the story on her parents farm. I'm pleased to see how well she has done over the years. Kim comes from a lovely family -I actually had a crush on one of her brothers way back when. Ahh memories!

Social Analyst David Clarke was also quoted in the article saying "Chores are less of a priority now because kids spend so much time social networking, busy families no longer follow strict routines and life is a lot more ad hoc". Not that it's a good thing though!! He went on to say the "helping around the house is an important part of learning life skills, and pocket money also teaches about finances..."

Less bribing children to do chores and making it part of being in a family and being responsible for their things is important too.

For more tips on how to teach your child about money and when the best time is to start giving your child pocket money, read this article on our Organize Your Life Website.

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