Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Home Organizing Tips - Ironing Tip - Don't Iron! Latest Youtube video

Who loves Ironing? Not me! 
So what are my ironing tips -Don't iron ! Well as little as possible anyway :)

Ironing is a pet hate for a lot of people - including me. I never wanted ironing to be a part of my life so decided not to iron!! Some people find ironing relaxing and if that's you - great - but if it isn't then consider not ironing so much and not caring if everything is ironed or not.

If you are really busy and stressed perhaps ironing is something that you can cut back on. Buying clothes that don't need ironing helps and definitely not ironing undies, or ironing sheets, or ironing jeans heaven forbid!!! If you do need tips on how to iron properly there are lots of great videos on YouTube.

Claire McFee Author and Creator Organize Your Life Organizers

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