Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Attention ALL Mothers - Must Read 'You Sexy Mother' Book Series

If you haven't heard about the 'You Sexy Mother' book series in the Media over the last few years you must have been under a rock - or completely sleep deprived with children - in which case you need this book more than the average mother!

I was asked to review Jodie's book when it came out - You Sexy Mother (and subsequent books) and happily did so knowing it would help mother's immensely with their trial and tribulations of motherhood. 'You Sexy Mother' gives you the tools to cope with the demands of motherhood, enabling you to enjoy the process rather than being overwhelmed by it.

Here is the first book review I did, which Jodie loved so much she put on the front cover of her follow up book - You Sexy Mother - The Journal.
"You Sexy Mother has so many pearls of wisdom, it feels like you are wearing a beautiful invisible pearl necklace around your neck after reading it... A must-read for all mothers."
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