Thursday, 23 June 2011

Ever wondered about Traditional Aboriginal Culture and 'Women's Business?"

A brilliant book that I just had to share with you.....
"Under the quandong tree"
by Minmia

Two gorgeous friends of mine - both gifted healers recommended this book to me recently. I trust their opinion explicitly so I promptly bought the book.

I don't know about you but I have often thought about aboriginal culture and what a detrimental effect we as white settlers have had on their connection to earth, themselves sand each other. I was not taught much at school - certainly not anything that showed due respect for their ways or how the Aboriginal way of life and their respect for mother nature could actually improve our lives too. Well 'Under the Quandong Tree' filled in so many gaps in my knowledge and then some. So much so, I think it should be part of every school curriculum so that Australians know more about this countries amazing FULL history. It is a topic we should all take responsibility for to educate ourselves and our children about.  Do you know the difference between 'womens' business', 'men's business' and 'our business'. If not perhaps it's time you did?

Minmia is a very talented author who draws you in to the ways of her people. Thank you Minmia for sharing your knowledge with us so that we may understand your culture better and ultimately have more compassion for one another and respect for the earth we inhabit.

Here is my review:
“Under the Quandong Tree explains so very much. My respect for Traditional Aboriginal Culture has deepened immensely having read this powerful book. I have been experiencing the ‘awakening’ discussed in the book and understand more about where it has come from and how to develop it further to help our Mother Earth – Nungeena –tya as well as others who have been spiritually asleep for so long. Faith and respect for life will triumph. Thank you for writing this wonderfully enlightening book Minmia. It is an honour that you have shared your sacred knowledge with others .” Claire McFee Author Organize Your Life

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