Thursday, 30 June 2011

I keep hearing about 'Planning with Kids' by Nicole Avery

'Planning with Kids' by Nicole Avery.

I keep hearing about Nicole Avery aall over the internet and her book 'Planning with kids.' Nicole is highly regarded in her field and has countless de-stressed followers.

Here is a description of the helpful book Via Amazon:-

'Planning with Kids' Product Description

Calling all parents who STRESS on school mornings, cringe at the thought of cleaning or have mealtime meltdowns...this book is for you!
Family life can be chaotic — whether you have one child or five. No-one knows this better than 'Nicole Avery', mum of five, blogger extraordinaire and lover of spreadsheets. Nicole has discovered the secret to taking the stress out of parenting and running a household: a little bit of planning can leave you with more time to have fun!
Planning with Kids will show you how to:
  • plan a month's worth of evening meals in less than an hour
  • use routines to make mornings manageable, evenings easier and 'me time' a reality
  • organise your kids and partner to share in the housework without you nagging.
Learn how to organise your family chaos and have time left over to actually enjoy being a parent.

So worth a look I'd say. :)

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