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Christmas Book Giveaway! Reality Slap, When Happiness is Not Enough and CoolMind

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I have been busy reviewing these uplifting and informative books to share with you and decided, like last year, to do a bumper Book competition giveaway to three lucky readers. Here are my reviews below to give you an idea of which ones you want to go into the draw for. If you like them all you can put in an entry for all. EASY! Chris Skellet and best selling Author Russ Harris have both appeared on TV sharing their vast knowledge  with viewers. Here is a link to an appearance Chris Skellet had on The Morning Show recently. Scroll to the bottom of the page and it's under Media. :)  

The Reality Slap by Dr. Russ. Harris
"Profoundly helpful, straight talking advice, directing us to the inner resources we all have to be able to face, deal with and successfully move on from life's challenges."
Claire McFee Organize Your Life

When Happiness is not Enough by Psychologist Chris Skellett
'Chris skilfully explains happiness is achieved through a balance of achievement and pleasure and most importantly how to go about getting it. If your life feels out of kilter, you will benefit greatly from learning the specific areas to focus on to regain equilibrium, whether it is in your professional or personal relationships. You will understand yourself, not to mention others with much more clarity, enabling a positive shift to occur." Claire McFee Organize Your Life

Coolmind by David Keefe
'Coolmind is written in the perfect way to reach younger people and to teach them about the ease with which you can factor his great stress reducing techniques into your life. After all, the earlier we learn how to do that to keep up the better in our fast paced world." 
Claire McFee Author Organize Your Life

See our new website books review page for lots more reviews and to even order your own copies.

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