Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hormone problems? Could be Estrogen Dominance making your tierd and overwhelmed

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Having recovered from depression using various little known natural modalities, I have so much to share with you in my new 33,000+ word eBook chock a block full of info you've never heard of that could help you too.

I cover heaps of important topics such as 'Estrogen Dominance' - a hormone imbalnce problem many women have (and some men)  without even realizing it. I know I hadn't heard of such a thing. Even if you aren't depressed/have depression, what I share may still be very helpful to you if you are constantly tired or overwhelmed.

Estrogen Dominance - Hormones Awry?

Our hormones are very delicate and they can cause all sorts of health issues if left unattended. Many of us are low in progesterone and therefore estrogen dominant. This can cause all manner of health problems, physical and psychological.
Sadly many of us (me included) have had a blood test to ascertain if our hormone levels are in the normal range and are told we are fine, only to find out that in fact they are not normal and are a major reason for the symptoms you may be experiencing -such as lethargy and mood swings and depression. The reason many people get a false reading is that a blood test does not adequately give you the results you are looking for. A saliva test is far more accurate. Alternatively a visit to a naturopath with a Vega testing machine or a Kinesiologist - trained to conduct very accurate muscle testing to diagnose this and many other issues. This one discovery,  proper diagnosis and the subsequent simple, natural remedy changed my life enormously.
Among other things, you can learn more about some of the main causes of estrogen dominance in our modern society and what we can do about it in my new eBook for only $14 Introductory Price
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