Saturday, 12 November 2011

Easily Overwhelmed? Highly Sensititve Person Perhaps?

Here is another chapter snap shop for my new eBook Organize Your Health and Wellbeing Naturally about having a highly sensitive nervous system putting you in the Category of a 'Highly Sensitive Person' (H.S.P for short). I was and didn't know it for years!

"Organize Your Health & Wellbeing Naturally is a must read for anyone struggling with their current state of being. Claire McFee writes in an honest, uplifting, intelligent way and shares her research and journey about thriving and becoming your best possible self. Avenues for change include focusing on issues like gratitude, goal setting, relationships, naturopathy and organizing. She takes a wonderfully human approach to living which will surely inspire you." Linda Samuel's, CPO-CD - Professional Organizer & Author of The Other Side of Organized

Looking at the personality type known as the 'Highly Sensitive Person' (H.S.P) is also another interesting topic that will explain a lot to a vast number of you. If you feel overwhelmed by the pace of life; If you can't help taking other people's comments to heart; if you analyse things over and over; if you are tired a lot of the time by the (seemingly normal) amount of stimulation in your life; if your senses seem over active -i.e.; loud noises affect your more than the average person/strong odours really affect you etc - then you may well be a H.S.P like me!

When I read a fabulous book on the topic the penny really dropped. Everything about me and my life started to make sense.  Apparently 15-20% of the population is categorized as a H.S.P. and many of the rest of the population have many H.S.P traits they can relate to of course as well. Understanding more about this trait and how we don't need to be 'fixed' we just need to learn how to modify our environment slightly. Simply seeing that there are many great qualities as an H.S.P is enough to stop beating yourself up for something you may have been told was a negative personality trait since you were young, adversely affecting your self image. As one customer emailed me after reading the eBook said:-
'Your eBook is so good - well done. I discovered I'm a HSP!!!! I didn't even know what it was till I read your book and it was like a light bulb coming on....' Jo, New Zealand

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