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Organize Your Life Herald Sun Press in Cheryl Critchley's Parenting Column

I was recently asked for a quote to go in an article, which appeared in yesterdays Herald Sun in Cheryl Critchley's Parenting Column & is Author of 'Unspoil Your Kids'. The title, was "Feeling off Colour?", in relation to food additives - which is close to my heart, as both my children are intolerant / allergic to lots of them!

I have written a short article on the topic (below) in relation to what has helped our family navigate the very confusing world of food additives; food preservatives; food labeling and food additive intolerances and allergies in general. I know first hand it can be stressfull nightmare, so I hope this helps you at the beginning of our food allergy diagnosis.

“Get Organized to keep nasty additives out of your life and shopping trolley”
By Claire McFee Author of Organize Your Life

Until my kids were diagnosed by a Naturopath with several food intolerances, I had no idea how many nasty’s were in the food we ate and the effects they were having on them. For a few years I struggled with which numbers I had to avoid when shopping and found it really hard to remember which ones were which. Thankfully a couple of things have turned this process into a ‘normal’ experience rather than an overwhelming one.

• Use an Additive Card when shopping
Thankfully along came Katy from Smart Snacks and her brilliant Additive Card that I could put in my purse and easily refer to when out and about. It makes your life so much easier!!! You can just circle the additives that you need to avoid – using a different colour pen for each family member.

• Use a Food Additive List
The other tip I recommend is using a List like we have on our Organize Your Life e-Organizer - to make a note of the additives and products in general that your family need to stay away from that you can use for shopping; with babysitters and for sleepovers at your friends’ places.

• Say goodbye to those Nasty Side Effects
I certainly don’t miss the behavioural issues we had pre-diagnosis that’s for sure! It makes you wonder how many kids are misdiagnosed with things like ADD when it could just be an additive or gluten intolerance/Allergy.

• Spread the word
Like me, be sure to tell your friends about your experience, so they can look into this as the possible cause of any issues they may be having. It is soooo much more common than people realize and we as consumers need to help spread the word to keep the pressure on the food companies and Government when it comes to what is allowed in our foods and how foods are labelled.

These things can make a huge difference to creating a less stressed life, by helping you pre-plan what your family puts into their mouths and prevent any of those nasty side effects.

If you have any questions in relation to you or your children's food allergy / diagnosis etc I would be happy to answer your questions and do my best to help.

till next time,

Happy Organizing
Claire McFee
Organize Your Life Organizers

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