Saturday, 2 January 2010

Retail Shop Therapy Brain Turn Around saves you Money & Guilt

Hopefully you spent wisely for Christmas and haven't overdone it by spending money you don't have. Read on to find out more about how the mind works when it comes to shopping / retail therapy...

How Retail shop therapy brain turn around saves you money & guilt....

Neuropsychologist David Lewis “Since the recession (due to the GFC) began, it has become apparent that shoppers are doing an about-face and turning away from purchases that once turned them on.”

Good news for your hip pocket – we are less likely to impulse spend and therefore regret it later emotionally and financially. Experts suggest there are a few reasons for this trend - Where in the past our brain allowed certain unhelpful chemicals to make buying decisions for us, through better awareness we are now more likely to let the more sensible chemicals win out, which is clearly the better way to go.....curbing your spending habits.

Shoppers are more aware than ever - due to growing popularity of environmental and social justice groups - that doing the right thing can have a huge personal and environmental and social knock on effect. We are then more likely to donate to worthy charities if we aren’t over stretched from unnecessary shopping purchases. We then feel better about ourselves emotionally and the less fortunate are better off, which is good all round!! Less stress, more money in our pocket and bank accounts. Win Win!

Quick tip , take a shopping list when shopping with what you NEED, not what you WANT or would like, and don't get anything if it's not on the list!!!

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