Saturday, 2 October 2010

Bump & Grind: Survival Guide for getting pregnant - Review and Link to interview on TV's The Circle on Channel Ten

Bump & Grind: The A-Z survival guide for when you're trying to get pregnant and sick of being told to relax!

By Genevieve Morton Finch Publishing

"Bump and Grind: The A-Z Survival guide for when you’re trying to get pregnant & sick of being told to relax is a wonderfully written book on a heart-rending topic. It has the perfect mix of facts; relatable personal stories; tips and the clincher – and just the right dose of humour sprinkled throughout to help you let go of the angst surrounding the often elusive baby making process. Having trouble TTC (Trying To Conceive) can be a lonely and isolating and this book makes you feel like there is hope and support to get you through it no matter what the outcome.”
Claire McFee Author & Creator Organize Your Life

To see Genevieve Morton discuss her great new book Bump & Grind on Channel Ten's The Circle click here.

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