Saturday, 30 October 2010

For an inspiring Speaker look no further than Robyn Moore

Need some inspiration at your workplace or school?.....look no further than Robyn Moore

I want to tell you about a wonderfully inspiring woman I met many years ago in her role as guest speaker at an event I attended. I was absolutely blown away not only by the content of her talk but the empowering way she delivered it. Her name is Robyn Moore and she was actually the voice of Blinky Bill for many years as well as many other voice over roles.

Robyn is passionate about promoting wellness throughout our communities, and as you know I am big on promoting health and wellbeing as part of my work too. I feel fortunate to be able to tell you about so many inspiring people through my Blog and my work.

So I just wanted to tell you about Robyn Moore so that you can checkout her website and /or fan page and if your workplace school etc need a high quality speaker then you can give them her name to book her. You will be very lucky to have her. I hope you get the opportunity to hear her one day, as I was lucky enough to.
Here is a blurb about what Robyn Moore does and how she may be able to help you:
" There are speakers who deliver information ABOUT your particular sector.

There are speakers who share their inspiring stories…

and there are speakers who generate the OUTCOMES the client wants for their staff/delegates/guests.

This is what Robyn Moore does!

She also changes people's experience and appreciation of the work they do...and gets them into ACTION and "back into their lives" (at work and home) no matter what CHANGES, POLICIES or CIRCUMSTANCES are coming at them during these challenging times!

Robyn Moore changes peoples' attitudes, behaviours…and their LIVES…and restores laughter, optimism and wellnessin Australian businesses, organisations, families and communities. "

Claire McFee Author and Creator Organize Your Life Organizers

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