Wednesday, 19 August 2009

How to get your husband / partner to do their paperwork

My husband did a big office paperwork declutter on the weekend, which was great. He avoids paperwork like the plague and lets it build up more than he should – as it only makes it harder on him in the long run. I’ve cut him a bit of slack lately though, due to him building our beautiful house at the moment and working 6 days a week. I’d be a bit of dragon if I nagged him about his paperwork all the time at a time like this wouldn’t I!

Anyway I was catching up with a few friends and it came up and they said “How on earth did you get hi to do it?” Their husbands clearly had paperwork clutter problems too! So I’ll share with you, what I told them and hope it helps you get your partner to take action, so you can have a clutter-free office/study or whatever area of your home you keep all your household paperwork.

I started with my term of endearment for him which is 'Darl'. Sounds so …I don’t know, but funny anyway!!

So I said with a bit of a smile - “Darl, I was trying to find some paperwork the other day and found the wrong invoice, and paid the wrong amount, which will cost us at the end of the day. The paperwork is really starting to get out of control and I know you don’t want me to turn into Cow Claire (my self-titled grumpy name) about it and neither do I, so I thought we would be able to go through it on Sunday. I am happy to help you do it if you like….” Pause waiting patiently for his response.

He agreed it was getting pretty bad and got stuck into it - in the main, without my help. I think offering to help him with the task did help and was appreciated though. I made sure I was ‘in the area’ at the time and helped him take out the recycling as he went, so it didn’t get too messy and overwhelming. I also did a little bit of my own paperwork organizing at the same time, which helped make the task not so onerous.

From past experience I know nagging your husband to do something generally doesn’t work and if it does, it comes with resentment underlying it which isn’t healthy, so a different approach is best.

I hope this helps you if you are in the same boat. Needless to say the office looks soooo much better - all organized and clutter free. Gosh I love that feeling don’t you!!?? What are you partner decluttering stories? Do you have a disorganized or organized partner? How do you get them to pull their weight if they are dis-organized??

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Claire McFee
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